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Wippie joins Ze Pug Godz; Replaces MarKE


Ze Pug Godz are making change to their roster as Maxim “⁠wippie⁠” Shepelev will replace Edgar “⁠MarKE⁠” Maldonado according to Dust2.us.

The move was confirmed by wippie , who has already joined Ze Pug Godz ESEA roster, there was no comment on the reasons behind MarKE‘s departure nor future.

Ze Pug Godz members, including MarKE haven’t made statements which marks their second roster move since the start of August, when Bradley “⁠ANDROID⁠” Fodor left the team and transitioned to VALORANT.

The team decided to part ways with wippie on mutual terms after wippie wanted to become the primary AWPer for ex-Recon 5 while the team wished  Jet “jet-” Gao  in the primary role.

As a result, wippie left the team to pursue different opportunities.

Ze Pug GodzRoster

  • Jordan “⁠Zellsis⁠” Montemurro
  • Gage “⁠Infinite⁠” Green
  • Austin “⁠Cooper-⁠” Abadir
  • Will “⁠dazzLe⁠” Loafman
  • Maxim “⁠wippie⁠” Shepelev
  • Ian “⁠Immi⁠” Harding (coach)