Wither in Minecraft: How to beat this boss, spawn, drops and more!

The Wither in Minecraft is one of the strongest boss mobs in the game and players might encounter it in the end-game. Down below are all the features for the Wither!

Wither in Minecraft
Wither in Minecraft: All you need to know

Minecraft has many enemy mobs that give the players a challenge and may also defeat players if they are not careful. In this article we talk about the Wither in Minecraft, which is a boss monster and one of the strongest mobs in the game!

Minecraft is a adventure/crafting game which allows the players to live freely and explore the vast Overworld. The world is lined with friends as well as enemies that will try to harm the player. However, the Boss monster is one of the strongest in the game and there are only a few of them.

In this article we take a look at the Wither in Minecraft is a mob that is boss-tier and is a real challenge for the players to beat.

Wither in Minecraft

Wither in Minecraft
Wither in Minecraft

The Wither in Minecraft is a undead-boss mob that can only be summoned by the player and rewards the players with a Nether Star, which is this mob exclusive.

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The Wither is a very aggressive mob and will attack the player on sight. Once spawned, the mob is immune to any damage for 10 seconds. The Wither instantly explodes, dealing damage around him, once this state ends. This explosion is quite huge an players must avoid it.

The Wither is immune to fire, lava, drowning or suffocation and therefore players need to beat it fair and square. It is also immune to any status effects, like the Ender Dragon.

Attacks and effects of the Wither

Wither in Minecraft
Wither in Minecraft

The Wither has two stages: Levitation and immune to arrows.

  • In this first stage the Wither flies high above, shooting Wither skulls at the player and all mobs. In this mode players can damage it with arrows and thrown tridents.
  • In the second stage, upon dropping below 50% health, it obtains a shield that blocks all arrows and thrown tridents and comes down to the player’s melee range.

The Wither also inflict the Wither II Status effect, which turns the health bar black and slowly drains health. Players can cure this by drinking milk.

How to Spawn the Wither?

Wither in Minecraft
Wither in Minecraft

Players need to collect two items to create a Wither. These are:

  • Soul Sand x4
  • Wither Skull x3
Wither in Minecraft
How to spawn the Wither

Players can construct a structure like the one shown above to summon the Wither.

Soul Sand is found naturally generated in the Nether realm. Wither Skulls have a rare chance of dropping from Wither Skeletons that are only found in Nether Fortresses.

The Wither has 600 hearts health pool in Bedrock and 300 Hearts in Java.


Wither in Minecraft
Wither in Minecraft

The main drop from the Wither is the Nether Star, which is an unique item and is used to make a Beacon in Minecraft.

It gives players 50 EXP orbs. Moreover, wither roses are dropped if it kills any mobs around it.

These are all the facts for the Wither in Minecraft that you must know!

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