Won’t be serving anyone after Roger Federer: Ivan Ljubicic

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The 20 Grand Slam holder, Roger Federer, out of 2020 season due to knee injury. Federer retirement speculation has been made again and again. But he has emerged again and again, silencing everyone with his game. The evident man behind the growth of Federer is, his coach Ivan Ljubicic.

Ljubicic said that he won’t be coaching anyone else after Federer. He has been in Federer camp since 2016 and has been associated with 3 Grand Slam Titles with the legend. Ljubicic’s work on Federer’s backhand in particular has reaped appreciation all over the globe by tennis enthusiasts. With the increasing age of Federer, his coach has been able to maintain his positive stature and attitude.

Federer announced that he won’t be a part of the 2020 season and wants to recover fully by 2021 to bounce back to clinch more titles. Much like what he did back in 2016, where he was injured for latter half of the year and came back to lift the Wimbledon and also the Australian Open.

Speaking an interview with Novi List, the Croat said, “Roger will be my last coaching job. My commitment to this project after Roger is absolute. Roger and I go further, my work with him is unquestionable and there are no problems there. After his career, I can dedicate myself one hundred percent to what makes me happy. At the moment as far as the coaching part of the job is concerned, it’s exclusively Roger.”

Many reports have suggested that the pair has decided to call a day together. But what is awaited is, will this much-loved pair be able to put up a spectacle infront of the fans bouncing back like before in the coming season. Also, the coach gave an update about the injury of Federer saying that it is under control and nothing seems to be too worrisome.

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