Working with our member union to increase diversity in women’s coaching, says World Rugby chairman


On Friday, World Rugby launched an online women Coaching Rugby Toolkit which was aimed at helping unions in increasing the number of female Rugby coaches at every level of the game.

“Women currently make up 25 per cent of the rugby playing population and so should be represented in all areas of the game worldwide,” said Sir Bill Beaumont, Chairman of World Rugby.

“We understand that, at present, there are disproportionate levels of women in coaching and we are committed to making change in this important area, working with our member unions to increase diversity in coaching at all levels globally,” he added.

Earlier, the apex body published guidelines for safe withdrawal of Rugby activities in the context of the Coronavirus pandemic.

As there are two sections in the guidelines which contains important information.

The first section provides safety information to everyone involved in the game, including players, coaches, support and administrative staff.

The second is to provide a framework around which national association can formulate best practices policy and guidelines on social activity and travel restrictions that are appropriate.


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