World Athletics Relays Silesia21 unveils mascot ‘Lunani’

'Lunani', the giraffe will be the captain of the team of mascots with three more yet to be unveiled.

Silesia21 logo
Silesia21 logo

The World Athletics Relays Silesia21 on Thursday unveiled their official mascot ‘Lunani’, the giraffe. The tournament will begin on 1 May 2021 and end on 2 May 2021.

The unveiling of the mascot marked the 150 days countdown to the World Relays. The Silesia21 tournament will offer one of the final opportunities to qualify for the Tokyo Olympics. It is the qualifying meet for the World Athletics Championships Oregon22.

Next year’s edition of World Athletics Relays will be the fifth edition. The tournament was started in 2014. This is the first edition to be held in Europe. The previous editions were held in the Bahamas (three times) and in Yokohama, Japan.

‘Lunani’ will be the captain of the mascot team for Silesia21

'Lunani' Silesia 21
‘Lunani’, the giraffe

‘Lunani’ the giraffe will be the captain of a mascot team for Silesia21. The captain will be joined by three yet-to-be revealed mascots. The special part of the mascot team is that all of them will have a real-life equivalent at the Silesian zoo. It is just a kilometre away from the competition venue, the Slaski Stadium.

The two day event is one of the most anticipated events in the relay competition and the Polish region of Silesia will be more than ready for the two day showpiece event.

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