WrestleMania 36, Day 2 : Results

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Day 2 of WrestleMania 36 started with a warm welcome by host Rob Gronkowski. 2nd or final day of WrestleMania had many interesting matches which were worthy to be waited.

Here is the outcome of WrestleMania 36, day 2

  • Charlotte Flair def. Rhea Ripley (NXT Women’s Champion)
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Match started with some arguments and kicks. Charlotte smashed some shots on Ripley’s chest and Ripley made Charlotte to move out of the ring. For some time they fought out of ring where Ripley smashed Charlotte on stairs. They gave tough competition to each other , giving kicks on face, drop kicks but finally Charlotte gave a high top rope kick with a spear and got the title.

  • Aleister Black def. Bobby Lashley
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At first Aleister tried his classical techniques but those were useless to face the strength of Lashley. Both exchanged some moves , where Bobby put Aleister outside the ring and hit him on barricade. After torturing Aleister , Bobby tried to defeat him but her wife Lana yelled for a spear. In doing so , Lashly lost the match .

  • Otis def. Dolph Zigler
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Otis attacked Dolph inspite Dolph tried to save himself. Then Dolph threw Otis out of the ring by using a super kick right on the face. Dolph controlled on ring by giving kicks . Otis then hit Dolph hardly on corner of ringand show his power to Zigler outside of ring. In between match was interrupted by Deville and Mandy , finally Otis won.

  • Edge def. Randy Orton (Last Man Standing Match)
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Randy came from behind hiding himself as cameraman and gave RKO to Edge, then other one. Randy continuously teased Edge by saying something about his family. Outside of ring , Randy hit Edge with camera. After sometime Edge came in power and hit Randy hardly on a chair.Match was running inside a hall with chairs and tables instead of ring. Match went between some bunch of tables and other things, where Randy continuously tortured Edge. Then Randy came with a steel chair and hit on Edge. Somehow Edge recollected himself and made some serious hit on Randy. Putting Randy on table, Edge jumped from a top roof , refree counted up to 10 and finally Edge won.

  • Liv Morgan def.Natalya (Kickoff Match)
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From start it seemed to be impossible for Liv to win .Natalya was confident , she gave dropkicks before stretching Morgan with a surfboard submission hold. In last Natalya let her guard down during a rapid series of pin attempt reversals , giving Morgan just enough of an opening to roll up for a sudden three count.

  • The Streeet Profits def. Angel  Garza & Austin Theory(Raw Tag Team Championship Match)
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All four superstars show their skills over heels dive over ropes , kicks while screaming WrestleMania. Theory appeared to have the match won with his TKO, but Ford’s Guerrero- Frog Splash broke up the pinball, allowing Dawkins to get the three count.

  • Bayley def. Sasha Banks, Naomi, Lacey and Tamina (Fatal five way Elimination Match For Smackdown Women’s Champion)
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Bayley and Banks keeping her friendship , never touched during the match intentionally and behaved like a cohesive unit.The final moments of the match showed Banks handing Bayley her Title.

  • Gronkowski def. Mojo Rawley( WWE 24/7 Championship)
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Gronkowski defeated his friend Mojo and claimed the WWE 24/7 Championship.

  • Drew Mclntyre def. Brock Lesnar(WWE Champion)
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Drew was like a special competitor and he managed it by defeating Lesnar to win WWE Championship. After finishing of match , he thanked everyone , those who supported him in this journey .

  • “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt def. John Cena (Firefly Fun House Match)
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Inside the Firefly Fun House, Wyatt prepared for another world that exist beyond our comprehension. In this psychological warfare Cena couldn’t stand and lost his first ever Firefly Fun House Match.


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