10 unseen pictures of The Undertaker that define his life outside the WWE ring

Checkout the Top 10 unseen images of The Undertaker that shows the difference between Mark Calaway and The Undertaker.

the undertaker
Photo Credit: WWE.com

With a career that spanned over three decades, The Undertaker is undoubtedly one of the greatest WWE Superstars, of all times. With an impressive record of 23-2 at Wrestlemania, The Deadman has seen and conquered everything that every professional wrestler ever dreams of.

Taker is one of the few wrestlers who maintained Kayfabe and his personal life never came into the limelight. His WWE gimmick has often been associated with his real life personality. In this list we take a look at the unseen pictures of The Undertaker, that define his life outside the ring.

#1 The Undertaker with his son

the undertaker
Vincent Calaway is The Undertaker’s only son. Photo Credit: PWMania.com

The Undertaker has four children, which includes three daughters – Kaia Faith Calaway, Gracie Calaway and Chasey Calaway. He also has a son named Vincent Calaway. Vincent is the only child from Taker’s first marriage and we have rarely seen him with Taker.

#2 The Undertaker as Dirt Harry

the undertaker
Dirty Harry and Taker. Photo Credit: YouTube/wwerko899

Wrestlemania 21 was held in Los Angeles, California and the theme was very predictably, Wrestlemania goes Hollywood. The event was filled with commercials, that featured the entire roster portraying the some legendary Hollywood characters.

The WWE Universe, who have always seen Mark Calaway as The Undertaker, received a pleasant surprise when they saw him appear as Dirty Harry. It was probably one of the first times, when Taker broke his character.   

#3 The Undertaker as a kid

The Undertaker through the years. Photo Credit: Popculture.com

For a man who has protected his on-screen gimmick throughout his career, it is very difficult to know about his personal life. But this image shows how Taker used to look in his pre-teens. Taker was born in 1965 in Houston, Texas and is the smallest of the five siblings, and predictably, the most popular one!

#4 The Undertaker advises the newer Superstars

Undertaker with Strowman, Joe and Corbin. Photo Credit: WWE.com

The Undertaker has been in the business long enough, to know it inside out. In this behind-the-scenes image he can be seen talking to the newer generation WWE Superstars. Braun Strowman, Samoa Joe and Corbin has seen listening to Taker – clearly when The Phenom is talking to you, you pay attention.

#5 The Undertaker goes shopping

Taker with wife Michelle McCool. Photo Credit: Sportskeeda

When you think of The Phenom, you cannot imagine him doing the odd jobs that we do every day. Imagine while you’re shopping, and you see The Undertaker walking around. In this image the Undertaker is seen selecting wedding rings.

 The Undertaker married his third wife WWE Diva Michelle McCool in July 2010. In the image, He is seen at a jewelry shop before their wedding.

#6 The Undertaker hanging out after a show

Taker with Shane McMahon and Triple H. Photo Credit: WWE.com

The Undertaker, as a character never seemed friendly. In the behind-the-scenes image, Taker can be seeing hanging around with Triple H and Shane McMahon.

Taker has had some iconic rivalries with both of them, and this image just shows again that Taker’s character is limited to WWE TV, and his quite different in real life.   

#7 The Undertaker working out

Taker sweating it out at the gym. Photo Credit: WWE.com

When you have a career that spans over three-decades, you need to constantly work on your body. In this image Taker is seen in the middle of a workout session. He gave over 30-years of his life to the industry, and this image only gives us a little hint to how hardworking Taker is, behind-the-scenes as well. After all, it isn’t easy to amaze the fans through decades.  

#8 Mark Calaway enters the scene

Taker enters the scene out of his gimmick. Photo Credit: WWE.com

Fans are used to seeing The Undertaker, in his iconic hat and the long black coat. Whenever you see him in ordinary clothes, it just never feels right. Very rarely have we seen such an association between a performer and his character.

The above image shows Taker, walking into the stadium, in his Mark Calaway avatar. He is holding his iconic coat, hinting that he is preparing for a WWE appearance.

#9 The Undertaker wears a mask

Taker wore a mask in 1995. Photo Credit: WWE.com

Taker wore a mask for a very brief period in his career. The Phantom of the Opera Mask was worn in 1995, when Taker had suffered a real life injury- when his eye socket was crushed. In the above image, Taker is seen finalizing the design of his mask.

The mask was introduced in 1995 at Survivor Series, but the gimmick only lasted till the 1996 Royal Rumble when Diesel unmasked him.

#10 The Undertaker gears up to perform

Taker moments before his performance. Photo Credit: WWE.com

Every WWE Superstar has the responsibility of entertaining thousand of fans at the live shows, and millions sitting at home. They always need to be on top of their game. In this backstage image, Taker can be seen in a moment with himself, gearing up to walk out to the stage.

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