WWE announces official date of Natalie Eva Marie’s return to the wrestling ring

WWE announces Natalie Eva Marie's return date to the wrestling ring. She would appear in the final RAW episode before the pay-per-view Hell In A Cell.

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There have been numerous promos and hints doing the rounds on social media of Natalie Eva Marie’s possible return to the wrestling ring over the past few days. After a worthy wait, Natalie herself announced that she would be back in action in the WWE on June 14, 2021.

The superstar appeared last Monday through her Eva-lution series and made it official that she would be coming back on WWE RAW on the USA Network which would be the final episode before the much-awaited pay-per-view Hell in a Cell. There have also been speculations about a possible match on the superstar’s return against WWE NXT UK Superstar Piper Niven.

Natalie Eva Marie returns in the final RAW episode before Hell in a Cell

Natalie Eva Marie to return to WWE in the next episode of RAW
WWE announces official date of Natalie Eva Marie's return to the wrestling ring 2

In the promos that have been all over social media till now, Marie has explained why she was provoked to make a return to the wrestling ring and how she wishes to earn the limelight this time. In the first promo that had been released last month, Eva was spotted in her pink dyed hair donning a black glossy dress. The promo also saw Marie posing on top of a red Ferrari and mentioned that she has been wondering where she was and where she was going. She further went on to say that despite many twists and turns in her journey she has always been in control of her destiny and loves the independence that comes along.

She also is said to believe that an integral part of her journey is giving back. And that is the very reason she wants to influence others to realise their own potential and ambitions, which she voiced in the promo. And with this motivation, Marie decied to make a return to the place from where she started off.

While the news of her return has been appreciated by many fans, some of them were not quite satisfied with the news. WWE received a lot of criticism for releasing several superstars which included the likes of Chelsea Green, Mickie James, Peyton Royce and Billy Kay. One user had even pointed out thet WWE are planning a plot to cut off “The IIconics and Mickie James” to make way for Marie. The user also took a dig at the WWE by saying that the WWE Women’s division is on it’s way towards a downfall.

Irrespective of the fans expressing disappointment on Marie’s return, WWE is said to be working on the plot for quite a long time now. Marie first appeared in the ring in 2013 only to be suspended by the organisation midway of 2016 after which she stopped appearing on TV. The year that followed saw Marie revealing that she no longer is in the WWE roster. Two yers later she was again spotted in an interview where she hinted at her ongoing negotiations about the promotion.

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