Former Women’s Champion Asuka makes a bold claim

Former Women’s Champion Asuka makes a bold claim

Longest-reigning NXT Women's Champion

Asuka is the first Japanese female wrestler to have been signed by WWE in several decades. Her career began way back in 2004, and she had even announced a brief retirement in between. The former Raw Women’s Champion has performed for several independent promotions and has even won several accolades such as JWP Openweight Championship, Smash Diva Championship and the Wave Tag Team Championship.

WWE signed her under a developmental deal in 2015. She performed on NXT and went on to hold the NXT Women’s Championship for 510 days – the longest in the history of the title. Asuka debuted on the main roster in 2017 and went on to win the inaugural Women’s Royal Rumble match. Throughout her tenure with the company – she has also won the Raw Women’s Championship, Smackdown Women’s Championship and the Women’s Tag Team Championship, twice each.

But since the last couple of months the 2020 Money in the Bank ladder match winner, has been missing from WWE television. While there has been no explanation provided regarding her absence, it is probably due to an injury. But recently, Asuka reminded everyone that she still considers herself to be the greatest Women’s Champion of all time!

Recently, the official Twitter handle of WWE on FOX, asked their followers to name their greatest WWE Women’s Champion of all time. To this, the former Raw Women’s Champion replied with the hand-up emoji. Considering her dominant runs as a Champion, it wouldn’t be wrong to consider her one among the greats!

Asuka is currently a free agent

The Empress of Tomorrow

The former Raw Women’s Champion was last seen on WWE way back during the WWE Money in the Bank 2021 match. She and Naomi had defeated Eva Marie and Doudrop to qualify for the iconic ladder match. While she failed to win that match, it was also Asuka’s last appearance on WWE TV.

Since the PPV, she has gone missing from making any appearances from the company. In fact, the Empress of Tomorrow was not even picked by either of the main roster brands in the WWE Draft 2021. While she is still signed with the company, Asuka is a free agent and can perform on any of the WWE brands.

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