The Almighty Bobby Lashley Crown Jewel win-loss record

Bobby Lashley has not won any matches at the Crown Jewel pay-per-view

Bobby Lashley Crown Jewel win-loss record
Bobby Lashley

Bobby Lashley is one of the most powerful and dynamic superstars in WWE currently His intimidating physique makes his character more dangerous and his opponents nervous. His ability and attitude are unmatchable and he is also one among those few veterans who work full-time at an age more than 40. 

Bobby Lashley as a WWE Champion
Bobby Lashley is a former WWE Champion

After his return to WWE in 2017, Lashley has dominated all of the men’s division and has set new standards for the newer superstars. The level of dominance he shows in his matches has not been seen in ages. Though he has not won many championships in WWE, his accomplishments in other wrestling industries are intriguing.

Very few WWE Superstars experience the best phase of their career as last as Bobby Lashley. After spending over a decade with the company, Lashley is on the peak of his career. Lashley’s size and strength have finally started dominating the WWE Raw roster, as he continues to dominate in WWE.

Here’s Bobby Lashley Crown Jewel win-loss record

Bobby Lashley Crown Jewel win-loss record
Here’s Bobby Lashley Crown Jewel win-loss record

Bobby Lashley has appeared on both the Crown Jewel events till now. His domination has been seen in both the matches but the dominance was all in a losing cause. The Almighty has not won any of his matches at the pay-per-view which makes his win-loss record 0-2.

Bobby Lashley Crown Jewel debut came in 2018 where he participated in WWE World Cup quarterfinals against the Intercontinental Champion Seth Rollins. Lashley was pinned by the Architect marking his first loss in his first ever match at Crown Jewel.

In 2019, Bobby Lashley battled in a 10-man tag team match featuring Team Hulk Hogan and Team Ric Flair. Lashley teamed up with Randy Orton, Baron Corbin, Shinsuke Nakamura, Drew McIntyre, to face Roman Reigns, Chad Gable, Mustafa Ali, Rusev, and Ricochet. Team Hogan defeated Team Flair at the event which recorded the second loss at the pay-per-view for Nakamura.

2018Seth Rollins def Bobby LashleyWWE World Cup Quarterfinals
2019Team Hogan (Reigns, Gable, Ali, Ricochet, and Rusev) def Team Flair (Orton, Lashley, McIntyre, Corbin, and Nakamura)10 Man Tag Team match

Bobby Lashley Crown Jewel win-loss record: 0-2 (Last Updated: 2021)

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