“MVP can’t be there at the helm”; Booker T share thoughts about recent split between MVP and Bobby Lashley on RAW

Booker T gives his thoughts on split between MVP and Bobby Lashley

Booker T gives his thoughts on split between MVP and Bobby Lashley
The Harlem Heat on a Pre-Show

Whether in the reel life or real life, Booker T has always made his thoughts known and now the 6 time former world champion and WWE hall of famer spoke in favour of the recent split between Bobby Lashley and MVP. Bobby Lashley, recently made his return to the squared circle at Wrestlemania 38 defeating Omos in a singles match. Bobby then was attacked by MVP in a segment also invovling Omos, thus aligning MVP with Omos and establishing MVP as a heel.

This heel turn came as a shock for many as the two of them were considered to be doing well in terms of storyline and push and that maybe bobby still needed MVP. However, according to Booker T his liking or disliking towards the storyline wont do anything. Speaking on his ‘Hall Of Fame’ podcast Podcast, King Booker said:

“It’s not for me to like it or not. I thought The Hurt Business did some really good work. With MVP at the helm throughout the pandemic, and definitely put a light on that group. I really believe MVP was the spark behind Bobby Lashley, I really do. I always thought perhaps Bobby needed that front-man to actually do that part of the work for him. Then he go out and be the clean-up man in the middle of that ring.”

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MVP and United States Champion Bobby Lashley

What is next for Bobby Lashley according to Booker T?

According to the former Harlem heat, WWE is “pushing” Booker for something very “extraordinary”. And that for Bobby Lashley to be the “top babyface”, MVP shouldn’t be by his side.

Booker T adds:

“As far as Bobby Lashley, I think I said it about a month ago, ‘it looks to me like they were building Bobby up to be something extraordinary.’ Bobby Lashley right now, of course, he can be looked at as the babyface. We were just talking about who’s going to be the guy to challenge Roman? I don’t know, I’m just saying, if I was a booker, I would perhaps see it that way. For Bobby to be that babyface, MVP can’t be there at the helm. He just can’t be there, he can’t be flanking Bobby if that’s what route we’re going.”

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