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Can Roman Reigns break Brock Lesnar’s 503-day reign record?

'The Beast' Lesnar himself is now standing between his record vs Roman Reigns' reign as the two heavyweights will lock horns at WWE Day 1 pay-per-view. Know whether Roman can break his record or not.

Reigns and Lesnar

Leati Joseph “Joe” Anoaʻi is famously known by his current WWE ring name ‘Roman Reigns’. Roman has been the topmost superstar in WWE especially in the SmackDown brand since he turned a heel. It is highly doubted if any other heel could create the sort of impact which he succeeds to create in recent years. Since Roman’s victory over the two colossal wrestlers in WWE, ‘Braun Strauman’ and ‘The Fiend’, his Universal Championship reign is quite undisputed to the date.


He has uprooted all the challenges from other top-tier superstars to continue his epic 470+ days championship reign. And this epic title run of him has been a threat to Brock Lesner’s 503 days of WWE Universal Championship reign. What makes the equation more interesting is that ‘The Beast’ Lesnar himself is now standing between his record vs Roman Reigns’ reign as the two heavyweights will lock horns at WWE Day 1 pay-per-view. Here, in this article, we are going to discuss whether Roman will be able to break The Beast’s record or not.

Can Roman Reigns overtake Brock Lesnar’s championship reign?

Brock Lesnar returns at Summerslam 2021 to confront Roman Reigns

Reigns is one of the most consistent performers in WWE. He not only appears in SmackDown but draws a huge crowd in the live events and sometimes in the RAW brand too. His popularity amongst the wrestling fans and audience has grown dramatically in the last one and a half years. His unbeaten run as WWE Universal Championship has created an unmatched excitement among the audience. On the other hand, though Lesnar is a huge name in the wrestling world, he works as a part-timer in WWE.

Reigns and Lesnar will face each other at Day 1

So, putting the title in Lesnar’s hands would eventually devoid the audience of seeing feuds for this title every week in SmackDown. Thereby, the excitement, the craze Roman successfully created over the WWE Universal Championship title would be lost. It will be a huge loss both for the audience and the WWE company also.

So, we assume that WWE is never going to change the hands for this title, and Reigns will successfully overcome Brock’s challenge. And once Roman defeats Lesnar, there are no superstars left in WWE currently to snatch the title away from Roman. So, according to us, Roman is the one who is going to break Brock Lesnar’s championship reign very soon.

Roman also will have the other members of ‘The Bloodline‘ in his corner. Obviously, their interference would be pivotal to Roman’s success at Day 1 pay-per-view. Moreover, in their last meeting, Roman Reigns demolished Lesnar’s challenge and proved that Lesnar is not unbeatable anymore.

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