Will The Hurt Business reunite after Bobby Lashley’s WWE Championship loss?

Bobby Lashley lost his title to Big E recently, opening up the possibility of a reunion for The Hurt Business.

the hurt business
Lashley ousted Alexander and Benjamin

The Hurt Business had been one of the most dominant stables seen on WWE Raw in a really long time. WWE Superstar MVP was the one who got the stable together. In fact, it was under his guidance that at one point of time – each member of The Hurt Business held a WWE title.

The stable had formed when Bobby Lashley decided to align himself with MVP. Soon Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin joined in too. While Lashley became the WWE Champion, Alexander and Benjamin went on to hold the Raw Tag Team Championship.

But one after the other, all the members have lost their titles. When the Raw Tag Team Championships were lost, Lashley ousted both the losing members from the stable. But on the latest episode of WWE Raw, Lashley himself lost the WWE Championship to Big E. Interestingly, just a day after the loss, MVP posted a picture on Instagram with Shelton Benjamin, hinting at a reunion for the stable.

the hurt business
MVP posted an image with Shelton Benjamin

On the latest episode of WWE Raw, Bobby Lashley put his title on the line against Randy Orton for the main event. While he managed to retain the title against Orton, but Money in the Bank briefcase holder came in and did exactly what he had promised to do – cash-in his contract! He successfully cashed in the contract, ending Lashley’s first ever reign as the WWE Champion.

The Hurt Business could reunite to face The New Day

the hurt business
Alexander and Benjamin need to rise on the card

Big E was a part of the Smackdown roster. But he decided to show up on Raw and pin the Champion for the title. When he was moved to the Blue-brand, it marked the end of his association with The New Day, as they were a part of the Raw roster. Now that Big E is back on Raw, we will definitely get a reunion of The New Day.

On the other hand, Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin have fallen down the card since they were ousted from The Hurt Business. Lashley is quite likely to come back after the title, but he cannot take on Big E, who now has two Superstars supporting him! This hints that Lashley and MVP might get the stable back together and we get the two stables feud against each other.

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