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How did WWE Hall of Famer Goldberg perform in the NFL?

Goldberg's NFL career which he played before joining WWE


WWE Hall of Famer is one of the most impressive and successful superstars in the world of wrestling. But the Icon has had a great career in NFL as well. Goldberg’s NFL career has undoubtedly been very stupendous and the legend is known for his performances in both the sports.


The Hall of Famer, after earning scholarship to play for the University of Georgia Bulldogs, played college football and served as a defensive tackle. The legend performed outstandingly in the college football and soon was drafted in the NFL. Goldberg was taken by the Los Angeles Rams in the 1990 NFL Draft in the 11th round as a 301st overall selection.

Goldberg as an NFL Player

After playing a season for the Los Angeles Rams, he performed with the CFL Sacramento Gold Miners and the Atlanta Falcons for a couple of years following which, he was selected by a new NFL team, the Carolina Panthers in the 1995 NFL Draft. He never played with the team and was the first player to get cut by the team which lost some of his credibility.


Why did Goldberg leave the NFL?

Goldberg joined wrestling industry following his NFL career

Goldberg tore his lower abdomen off his pelvis during training sessions which led to him taking rehabilitation due to which he took a break from the NFL. Though he had hopes of returning to the league, he didn’t return because of his lack of success and not being considered as an asset to the game, he ended his NFL career.

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