WWE Champion Bobby Lashley dominates at MITB and defeats Kofi Kingston

Bobby Lashley def Kofi Kingston at MITB

Bobby Lashley destroyed Kofi Kingston at MITB

The WWE Championship was being defended at Money in the Bank. The show saw complete dominance by the champion and Kofi Kingston felt the wrath of the almighty.

In the past weeks, Xavier Woods was seen battle Lashley where the new day member pined the champion. But after the loss, the champion was furious and made clear that everything would be different at MITB. Lashley came up to his words and showed a completely different level of dominance in the match.

The match started with Kingston immediately going for the pinfall attempt, but Lashley kicked out. The WWE Champion launched Kingston up in the air, and followed with a series of punches. Lashley then made fun of the WWE Universe and applied the Hurt lock on the challenger. The champion then himself broke the hold and inflicted more punishment on the challenger.

Lashley then delivered a flatliner to Kingston followed by 3 dominators to decimate the former champion. He then applied the hurt lock when the referee stopped the match. Bobby Lashley dominated Kingston and once again got back to business.

Here are the reactions after seeing Bobby Lashley’s dominance

The whole world was shocked with the level of performance by the almighty. Here are the reactions:

Jon Aba said he supported only Goldberg beating Bobby Lashley for the power both the men posses

Scott Fishman made fun of Kofi Kingston by saying he lasted longer in the match than 7 seconds

Some fans said that the match was only assassination and not a match after seeing Bobby Lashley’s dominance