“Guys come on, stop talking about me,” says Bayley after becoming a free agent

Former Smackdown Women’s Champion Bayley has become a free agent, after she was not drafted to either of the main roster brands.


Bayley, one of the biggest WWE Superstars of the Thunderdome Era, is now a free agent. The WWE Draft 2021 recently concluded on the latest episode of Raw, and one of the most shocking names that was absent from the draft was of “The Role Model” Bayley. But it is a justified decision, considering Bayley is going to be out of action for a couple of months.

The former Smackdown Women’s Champion tore her ACL a couple of months ago, prior to Money in the Bank PPV. She announced that she will be out of action for nine months. Seemingly, this is the reason for WWE not including her in the draft, as she is not an active part of the roster currently.

With neither of the rosters drafting her, Bayley now has the right to appear on either of the brands, much like The Beast Incarnate Brock Lesnar. Predictably, this has impressed the injured WWE Superstar and she took to Twitter to share her excitement on becoming a free agent.

As more and more fans started discussing about her, she once again took to Twitter and made a tweet in her on-screen heel avatar. In the cheeky tweet the host of WWE’s Ding Dong, Hello! requested her fans to stop talking about her. “Guys come on, stop talking about me. Can’t a super sweet, innocent woman recover from her injury in some damn peace!!?!??? HASHTAG BAYLEY,” wrote the former Champion.

Bayley wanted to be a part of Ziggler and Big E’s faction

big e
Big E with Lee and Ziggler

On the latest episode of WWE Raw, Dolph Ziggler reminded the WWE Champion Big E that how Zigger had introduced him to the WWE Universe. This is, in fact, true as Big E had made his debut as Ziggler and AJ Lee’s bodyguard. He even posted an image of the same on Twitter.

The former Smackdown Women’s Champion revealed in the comments section of this post that she wanted to the fourth member of this faction. This faction had quite a brief yet successful run. Since then, all the members have gone on their own separate ways. Big E has gone on to become the WWE Champion, Dolph Ziggler has moved to the Tag Team division, while Lee has retired from her professional wrestling career.

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