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“I could have gotten out of the title scene,” Drew McIntyre disappointed with the Bobby Lashley feud

Former WWE Champion Drew McIntyre feels the feud against Bobby Lashley could have ended sooner.


Drew McIntyre is one of the biggest babyfaces in WWE today. He played a crucial role in carrying WWE through their Thunderdome Era. The Scottish Warrior’s dream run kicked off way back in January, 2020 when he outlasted 29 opponents to win the Men’s Royal Rumble match. Post his win, McIntyre made it clear that he was going after the WWE Championship – which was then held by Brock Lesnar.

After spending several months building him up – the Beast Incarnate was pinned by the Scottish Warrior at Wrestlemania 36. For a major part of 2020, McIntyre was the Champion – only losing the title once, to Randy Orton. But he was able to capture the title back within a few days. 2021 hasn’t been as rewarding a year for him as was 2020.

In fact, McIntyre spent majority of 2021 as a Challenger for the WWE Championship. But his run as a Challenger received a lot of flak from the WWE Universe. People started feeling that McIntyre continues to get title shots. Recently, in an interview with Ariel Helwani of BT Sport, Drew McIntyre revealed that he feels the same!

“During the Lashley stuff, perhaps the way we set up the matches, perhaps the narrative of ‘Drew keeps getting title matches’ that we were pushing for some reason, didn’t exactly help during that period. Perhaps I could have gotten out of the title scene a little quicker after I lost the first match and didn’t have a couple of follow-up matches and started the rebuild again,” mentioned the former WWE Champion.

Drew McIntyre will be in action at WWE Day 1

McIntyre and Hardy

For a major part of 2021, McIntyre was chasing Bobby Lashley for the WWE Championship. But after numerous unsuccessful attempts, he got drafted to Smackdown in the WWE Draft 2021. On the Blue brand he primarily feuded in Tag Team battles against Happy Corbin and Madcap Moss. In fact, he is even scheduled to face Madcap Moss at WWE Day 1.

This is expected to be the final match of this feud. Post this, McIntyre will be moving to the Universal Championship feud against Roman Reigns. This feud is expected to continue till Wrestlemania, post which Reigns would start focussing once again on the Brock Lesnar rivalry.

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