WWE Elimination Chamber results – 21/02/2021 (4 Championship matches, 2 new Champions crowned)

Checkout the highlights from the WWE Elimination Chamber. 2 New Champions were crowned at the latest WWE PPV.

Orton and McIntyre

On the kick-off show for WWE Elimination Chamber John Morrison won a Fatal 4-Way match. He defeated Mustafa Ali, Ricochet and Elias to earn a spot in the United States Championship match. Morrison replaced Keith Lee, who wasn’t cleared to complete in the match.

Daniel Bryan wins the WWE Smackdown’s Elimination Chamber match

Bryan and Cesaro

The winner of this match will be facing Roman Reigns in the Universal Championship match. Daniel Bryan started off the match against Cesaro. Bryan went for the headlock followed by a shoulder block but only got a one count. Bryan was whipped into the corner but he backflipped over Cesaro. He hit a back body drop over the top rope onto the Chamber floor.

King Corbin joined the match.

Corbin drove Cesaro into the Chamber pod. He continued attacking, as Bryan came from behind to attack Corbin. But Corbin kept the momentum going as he hit a pair of Deep Sixes onto Bryan and Cesaro. Daniel Bryan’s knee was constantly attacked by Cesaro.

Sami Zayn joined the match.

Zayn was terrified to leave his pod and enter the match. He tried closing the door of his pod. But the other door of his pod was open, Cesaro entered and hit a couple of uppercuts onto Zayn. He finally gets into the match and hits a series of stomps onto the other 4 wrestlers. Zayn and Cesaro climbed the pod as the Swiss Cyborg slammed Zayn’s face onto the steel wall. Zayn hung on. Cesaro grabbed the ceiling and swung to kick Zayn to the floor. He does some pullups before jumping and being caught by Corbin.

Corbin and  Cesaro started brawling. Cesaro applied the sharpshooter as Corbin tapped out. King Corbin was the first Superstar to be eliminated.

Kevin Owens joined the match.

Zayn walks up to Owens and tells him to team up. He said that the company has wronged them and no one wanted them there. They have a history and they should team up. Owens grabbed Zayn and thrashed him into the pods a couple of times. Owens then went on to hit Cesaro, Bryan and Zayn with cannonballs. Uso looked on from his pod.

Jey Uso entered the match.

Owens attacked him with a series of punches and sent him into the Chamber wall. He then hit Bryan with a Stunner and then one on Cesaro. He hit Zayn with a Helluva Kick and a Stunner to eliminate Sami Zayn.

Cesaro grabbed Bryan’s injured leg and did a one leg Cesaro Swing. Uso superkicked Cesaro followed by a frog splash to eliminate him.

Bryan and Uso remained. Uso hit a frog splash but Bryan kicked out. Jey climbed the rope again but Bryan kneed him. He followed up with a Busaiku Knee for the win.

Daniel Bryan is the No.1 Contender for the Universal Championship. The match was right after this match, as Roman Reigns walked out with Paul Heyman.

Roman Reigns def. Daniel Bryan (retains WWE Universal Championship)

Reigns retained his title

The referee checked on Bryan and started the match. Reigns went for a Spear but Bryan countered it into a Yes Lock. Roman screamed in pain. He countered with a series of punches. He applied the guillotine choke as the referee ended the match.

Reigns was posing with his title as Edge speared him. He pointed to the Wrestlemania sign. The fireworks went off. Edge will be facing Roman Reigns for the WWE Universal Championship at Wrestlemania 37.

Riddle def. John Morrison and Bobby Lashley (New WWE United States Champion)

Riddle is the new WWE US Champion

MVP came down to the ring with Lashley on a crutch. As the match began, Lashley attacked Riddle and choked him with his boot. Morrison attacked him with a series of punches and a stomp. Riddle jumped on Lashley’s back but he clotheslined Riddle over the top rope.

Lashley went outside and drove Morrison into the ringpost. Riddle jumped off the steps and Lashley caught him. He turned him inside out with a toss.

Riddle hit a Final Flash knee and went to the top rope and hit a Floating Bro on Lashley. Morrison quickly kneed Riddle in the head and hit Starship Pain on Lashley for a near fall. MVP talked trash to Morrison. Morrison grabbed MVP’s crutch and got in the ring. There are no disqualifications in a triple threat match.

Lashley applied a Hurt Lock to Morrison, but Riddle broke it up with a crutch to the spine of Lashley. Riddle knocked Lashley out of the ring and hit a Bro Derek on Morrison to win the title.

Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler def. Bianca Belair and Bayley (retains WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship)

Banks after her loss

Bianca Belair started against Jax. Jax shoved her and talked some trash, but Belair smiled. Jax was not happy. Belair sidestepped Jax and slapped her rear end.

Banks hit a meteora on Baszler, but Jax tagged in and attacked her. Baszler tagged back in and twisted Banks’ arm. Banks rolled Baszler up a few times for two counts.

Belair tagged in, but Baszler got her in a Kirifuda Clutch attempt. Banks blind tagged in. Banks came off the top rope with a splash for a near fall. Reginald was at ringside with a bottle of champagne. He rolled the bottle of champagne to Banks, but she doesn’t want it. Jax then hit Banks with a Samoan Drop for the win.

Drew McIntyre wins the WWE Championship Elimination Chamber match

McIntyre and Hardy

Jeff Hardy started off against Randy Orton. Orton punched Hardy and drove him headfirst into Drew McIntyre’s pod. Orton then went and stared at AJ Styles. Hardy punched back. Hardy dropkicked Orton into the corner of the Chamber wall and pod. Orton quickly responded with a thumb to the eye. Hardy avoided an RKO and clotheslined Orton over the top rope.

WWE Champion Drew McIntyre entered the match.

McIntyre went after Orton. He threw Orton to the Chamber floor before driving him into the Chamber wall a few times. McIntyre hit a suplex on the floor to Hardy. McIntyre scooped Hardy up and drove him face-first into Kofi Kingston’s pod. Kingston exclaimed, “Oh my god!”

Kofi Kingston entered the match.

Kingston went right after his longtime rival Orton. Orton clubbed him down, but Kingston clipped the legs and rolled him up to eliminate him. Randy Orton was eliminated by Kofi Kingston.

Orton responded with an RKO on Kingston. Orton then hit Hardy with an RKO. Outside the ring, Omos ripped off the plexiglass wall of AJ Styles to release him from the pod! Styles covered Kingston and Hardy for near falls. Styles went to drive Kingston into the Chamber wall, but Kingston blocked it. Kingston then hit a wild monkey flip into the Chamber wall!

McIntyre grabbed Styles and hit a huge back body drop. Styles writhes around in pain. McIntyre looked intense. McIntyre grabbed Hardy, pulled him into the ring, and hit a neckbreaker.

Sheamus entered the match.

Sheamus calmly walked into the Elimination Chamber, got in the ring, and went face-to-face with McIntyre. They’re soon engaged in a brawl. Sheamus clubbed away at McIntyre before Kingston and Hardy ran in. McIntyre and Sheamus got them out of the ring and went after each other again. They then clotheslined each other out of the ring.

Kingston chopped Sheamus’ chest in the corner. Sheamus shoved him off, but Kingston jumped on him. Sheamus reversed a whip to the corner, but Kingston caught him with a pendulum kick. Kingston went for another trust fall, but Sheamus got out of it and hit a Brogue Kick for the elimination!

Hardy attacked Sheamus and hit a Twist of Fate. Hardy then dropped McIntyre with a Twist of Fate for a two count. He hit Styles with a Twist of Fate and climbs to the top of a pod! Hardy then hit a Whisper in the Wind off the pod to the Chamber floor on McIntyre and Sheamus! McIntyre immediately caught Hardy with a Claymore Kick for the elimination.

Sheamus grabbed McIntyre, but McIntyre punched and kicked him back. Sheamus sized Styles up in the corner, but McIntyre hit Sheamus with a Future Shock DDT. McIntyre pulled himself up in the corner and got fired up. Sheamus hit McIntyre with a Brogue Kick. Styles then caught Sheamus with a Phenomenal Forearm for the elimination.

Styles started to look at McIntyre and went for a Phenomenal Forearm, but McIntyre caught him with a Claymore Kick out of midair for the win. McIntyre retained his title.

Bobby Lashley walked in and attacked McIntyre. The Miz came in and cashed in his contract.

The Miz def. Drew McIntyre (New WWE Champion)

New WWE Champion The Miz

McIntyre was kicked in the knee as the match began. The Miz got a near fall. He followed with a Skull Crushing Finale. The Miz poses with his WWE title as the show ends.

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