“The Giant” Omos: Everything you need to know about AJ Styles’ bodyguard

Omos is a former one-half of the Raw Tag Team Champions. In addition to being AJ Styles’ tag team partner, he also serves as his bodyguard.

Former Raw Tag Team Champions

Omos is one of the biggest WWE Superstars, in terms of his build, who has stepped inside the WWE ring in a really long time. Since debuting at the 37th edition of the Showcase of Immortals, the Giant has had a dominant run on the main roster. In addition to being the bodyguard to “The Phenomenal OneAJ Styles, he is also his Tag Team partner.

Tolulope Jordan Omogbehin is known as Omos to the WWE Universe. He is Nigerian-American professional wrestler and also a former college basketball player. While his basketball career spanned from 2014-15, he has been an active professional wrestler for WWE since 2019. In his short WWE career, Omos has already won the Raw Tag Team Championship once.

Omos’ WWE career

Giant Omos

The giant professional wrestler signed with WWE on January 1, 2019. He made his in-ring debut later that year in July, at a house show. Since the beginning of his career, he was being developed as a dominant Superstar – as he debuted with a win in a 2-on-1 Handicap match. He made his main roster debut in June 2020, as a member of Akira Tozawa’s ninja group. Initially, he was referred to as Giant Ninja.

As Giant Ninja, he used to accompany Tozawa for his matches. Soon he was taken off from that role, and was given a more prominent role as Shane McMahon’s bodyguard during the Raw Underground segments. But this stint too was short lived as WWE’s attempt to replicate a Fight Club like segment was scrapped quite quickly.

Association with AJ Styles

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Styles and Omos

At Survivor Series 2020, the giant was given the ring name of Omos. He now served as the bodyguard to former WWE Champion AJ Styles. He still stayed away from in-ring action but still managed to make an impact on Styles’ matches through interferences. He even prevented the Phenomenal One from getting eliminated at Royal Rumble.

At Wrestlemania 37, he finally made his in-ring debut. He teamed up with Styles and managed to dethrone The New Day was the Raw Tag Team Champions. They had quite a dominant run as Champions, but that came to a screeching halt when Randy Orton and Riddle showed up. Currently they are trying to win back the titles from RK-Bro.

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