WWE Extreme Rules 2020 Results

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WWE Extreme Rules 2020 was all about Bayley replacing the match official, Seth Rollings and Rey Mysterio going eye for an eye, New Day defending their Title in a TLC and the Fiend Returning to Torment Braun Strowman in his worst nightmare yet.

Brief Results:

  • Drew McIntyre def. Dolph Ziggler
  • Seth Rollins def. Rey Mysterio
  • Sasha Banks def. Asuka
  • Bayley def. Nikki Cross
  • Shinsuke Nakamura and Cesaro def The New Day
  • Kevin Owens Def Murphy
  • Fiend retured to feud with Strowman

Drew McIntyre def. Dolph Ziggler

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WWE fans were waiting for this match so long when the RAW Champion Drew McIntyre marked his way to enter the ring and waiting for Ziggler’s stipulation match and it was turned out as if Drew McIntyre does anything outside the rules of a normal singles match, we’ll have a New Champion.

As the match started Dolph Ziggler tried to take advantage by this stipulation but McIntyre had plan for Ziggler and both the stars battled so hard for the glory. Hitting those steel chairs on McIntyre and slamming him on the tables Ziggler did everything to get the title. But it was ruthless aggression of McIntyre which made him to successfully retained his Championship against Dolph Ziggler and got the unleashed victory over him.

WWE Raw Women’s Championship : Sasha Banks Def. Asuka

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It one of the most shocking and Bizzare match that happened at this event. The match started between the RAW Women’s Champion Asuka up against the challenger Sasha Banks and her Co. Bayley joined her ringside. As everybody was hoping this match to be the best of the night and it almost did so. Both the superstars tried every skill to knock out each other by giving German suplex.

As Asuka was almost there to pin the Sasha Banks when Asuka tried to spilt green liquid on Banks but it turned out to spilled on match official. And Bayley took the advantage of it and wore the official dress count 1,2,3 and helped her friend Sasha Banks to become the doubles champion. But it will interesting to see whether this victory be acceptable or not.

Shinsuke Nakamura and Cesaro def The New Day:

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Shinsuke Nakamura’s struggles with the table may have been enough to land him a plum “I am the Table” spot on Botchamania.
There was very little noise given the amount of developmental trainees in attendance.

This was a surprisingly one-sided feud that ended with Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura as the SmackDown tag team champions.

Bayley def. Nikki Cross—WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championships

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Nikki Cross wrestled the first few minutes of this match in fast forward. This was a theme to this point of the night.
This match was enhanced by the dueling facial expressions of supporters Alexa Bliss and Sasha Banks.
In the end, it was the women Champion who won the match and retained the titles

Seth Rollings Def Rey Mysterio

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As soon as the bell rang, Seth Rollins slowed Rey Mysterio’s momentum with some ground moves and started targeting his eye. He brought multiple tools in the ring to continue his punishment but quickly found himself on the defensive. Rey Mysterio hit Rollins with a series of punches before delivering a seated senton followed by a frog splash. Rey Mysterio then attacked Seth Rollins with a kendo stick and sent him crashing into the barricade.

The Master of the 619 then broke the stick and tried to dislodge Rollins’ eyeball, but The Monday Night Messiah freed himself from Rey Mysterio’s grip. However, the future Hall of Famer hit him with a 619 followed by The Stomp. Rey Mysterio then took Rollins to the ringside steel steps and tried to gouge out his eye but Seth Rollins delivered a low blow and hit Mysterio with The Stomp. The match ended with Rollins driving Mysterio’s face into the steps and the referee calling for the bell.

‘The Fiend’ Bray Wyatt defeats Braun Strowman, wins the ‘Wyatt Swamp’ Fight

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The cinematic main event started with Braun Strowman entering the Wyatt Swamp and getting kidnapped by The Eater of the Worlds. After he regained consciousness, he was confronted by Bray Wyatt and a woman who had a snake in her hands (fans believe that the woman was Alexa Bliss as Sister Abigail). Braun Strowman somehow escaped and started attacking Bray Wyatt.

The two took the fight to the swamp where Wyatt almost drowned the Universal Champion. “Look what you made me do. I didn’t want this,” Wyatt said as Strowman got up and kicked him into the swamp. Just when fans thought the match is over, Wyatt emerged from the swamp attacked the champion with the Mandible Claw. The Fiend then appeared from the dark as the show went off-air.