Which stipulation could be added to the United States Championship match at Extreme Rules 2021?

Ladder match stipulation could be added to the United States Championship match at WWE Extreme Rules 2021

extreme rules 2021
Priest and Sheamus

Extreme Rules 2021 is just a week away. WWE claims this pay-per-view to be a night where “WWE goes Extreme”. As it suggests, Extreme Rules used to be an event where every single match on the card used to have some interesting stipulation or a gimmick. But this year, that doesn’t seem to be the case.

This year, so far, six matches have been announced to be a part of the card and five of these matches are going to have Championships on the line. But surprisingly, not a single one of these, has any stipulations or gimmicks, as is the norm with the PPV. With one episode each remaining for Smackdown and Raw, stipulations can still be announced for the matches on the Extreme Rules 2021 card.

The United States Championship is going to be one of the 5 titles that will be on the line at the event. Damian Priest, the current Champion will be defending his title against “The Celtic Warrior” Sheamus. This has been one of the longer feuds, and the WWE Universe has seen the two Superstars battle in a singles match on numerous occasions.

Hence, this is one of the matches that desperately needs a stipulation – in order to prevent it from being a match that the fans have already seen a lot of times. Undoubtedly, both the Superstars are more than capable of delivering some high-octane action. But the WWE Universe will surely want some new angle to this match. There is a possibility of Jeff Hardy being added to the match – which makes a Ladder match, the most exciting stipulation for this match.

Jeff Hardy could be added to the Extreme Rules 2021 card

jeff hardy
Hardy could be added to the card

Jeff Hardy was controversially added to the 24/7 Championship segment a couple of weeks ago. This led to an outrage from the fans and WWE has been working hard to right their wrongs since then. Hardy will be facing Sheamus on the upcoming episode of WWE Raw.

If Hardy manages to win the match, he will be added to the United States Championship match at WWE Extreme Rules 2021 – making it a triple-threat bout. Considering the abilities of these three Superstars a ladder match will definitely get the WWE Universe excited. In fact, a ladder match could lead to Jeff Hardy getting a massive push, even if he ended up on the losing side!

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