WWE got the better King of the ring than Sheamus and Corbin

Sheamus donned an odd crown and cape when the WWE Championship reign collapsed.

In 2021, WWE’s most renowned tournament was won by Xavier Woods. Xavier Woods’ latest King of the Ring victory brought more excitement than previous tournaments. After WWE abandoned the King of the Rings PPV in 2002, it was revived every few years. Unfortunately, Sheamus, Wade Barrett, and Baron Corbin failed at a king gimmick after their matches.

Woods winning the event was a longtime ambition for him, but he did it differently. Woods has provided a beneficial shift to the championship’s recent memory.

WWE may have chosen Xavier to represent the King of the Ring

King of the Ring Xaviour Woods
Xaviour Woods

Xavier Woods’ narrative seemed familiar to the three previous King of the Ring champions. Sheamus, Wade Barrett, plus Baron Corbin were three potential big eventers who never materialised. Instead, each person earned the King of Ring competition to change their personalities. Sheamus donned an odd crown and cape when the WWE Championship reign collapsed. His opponents, John Morrison or Daniel Bryan, were much more over than he was in respective feuds. In the end, Wade’s King Barrett gimmick was less successful than his eventual Bad News Barrett persona.

When Corbin won, WWE went beyond the plan. This gimmick put him in an extended rivalry with Roman Reigns while still a face. Corbin attempted to give Reigns dog food from one of the worse recent moments. After the unsuccessful king gimmicks, all three wrestlers would start again. Xavier Woods has been the correct change of pace from previous tournament champions.

A New Singles Star Has Been Found In King Of The Ring 2021

Xavier Woods is not a “new” face in WWE, yet this is his initial solo push. Woods’ WWE achievements have almost solely occurred as part of The New Day. Woods had been in a dead-end tagging alliance with R-Truth until joining the New Day alongside Kofi Kingston & Big E.

Having Woods as the new King of the Ring champion and putting him in more extraordinary settings has been excellent. Asserting the Big E feud with Roman Reigns has helped Xavier establish credibility. Woods became the first man to defeat Roman in a solo bout since he introduced the Tribal Chief character.

King – Xavier Woods

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Even his inclusion in the men’s Survivor Series tournament final positioned Woods as a top Smackdown face sans Kofi Kingston. Woods winning the event as a face gave WWE a short-term boost. Supporters are into the king gimmick to have a more excellent ceiling than most previous champions.

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