How Many Times Did The Undertaker ‘die’?

Watch how many times did The Deadman 'Die' and had risen from Death in WWE

The Undertaker

From 1990 to 2020, WWE storylines have shown The Undertaker die and rise like a phoenix from being dead many times.

‘The Deadman’ of the Wrestling world, The Undertaker is amongst that rare breed of priceless wrestlers who can give a huge boost to the viewership of any wrestling event just with their short appearances. Fans go crazy in WWE Universe by listening to that ‘Ding’, ‘Ding’ of The Deadman’s entrance theme, and such is the legacy he succeeds to create through his consistency, dedication, epic wrestling style, and interesting promos. The Undertaker’s long mysterious entrance has left the fans awe-struck for almost two decades. His somewhat supernatural gimmick, along with his involvement in some mystifying on-screen storylines in WWE resulted in creating an enigmatic charm around him. Throughout his career, one of his biggest trickery involves him coming back from being dead and attacking the traitor.

Here is how Many Times Did The Undertaker ‘die’ according to WWE storylines:

The Undertaker
The Undertaker

WWE story writers have assigned many wrestlers with some insane ways to bury ‘The Deadman’. And every time, something of this sort happens, the fans go on edge about the ‘rise’ of this colossal Wrestler. But when this death-rebirth segment appeared on-screen for the first time, the crowd reaction was epic. They were excited, awe-struck, and, at the same time, confused at the sight of this unique work of WWE.

The wrestling company delivered this into perfection in 1994 when two heavyweights Yokozuna and The Undertaker wrestled each other in a casket match. The former, with the help of a group of wrestlers, succeeded to enclose Taker inside the casket and seal it, and thereby, giving the impression of the Undertaker’s death to the wrestling universe. But those heel superstars’ celebration did not last long as the lights of the arena went off and the spirit of ‘The Deadman” appeared on the video screen. The spirit (impersonated by Taker himself) then announced its return to this world again and slowly went upwards and, thereby, vanished. Though the real reason behind this segment was to give Taker time to recover from a back injury.

The Undertaker’s spirit appears

Mankind buried The Undertaker alive:

A maniac Mankind, Mic Folly‘s first gimmick, buried the ‘The Deadman’ alive in 1996. As shown by a video on the arena screen, The Deadman prepared a grave for Mankind. But Later, Mankind, with the help of another mysterious character, the Executioner, successfully buried Taker alive. Obviously, that’s not the end of their thrilling feud. Taker rose from death to make a comeback and beat Mankind in a Survivor Series match. Their feud has one of the most exciting endings as The Undertaker threw Mankind off the cell in an infamous Hell in a Cell Match.

The Undertaker preparing a grave for Mankind

The Undertaker’s infamous throw

Kane sets his brother on Fire:

In a Casket match Between the Taker and HBK, where the WWE Championship was at stake, Undertaker was seconds away from his victory when the D-Generation X attacked Taker. The Six on one assault on Taker was too much for even The Deadman to deal with. Then his brother Kane, The devil’s favorite Demon ( WWE storylines constantly built the character of Kane as the brother of Taker) came to neutralize the things, but to the surprise of the audience, assaulted his brother and stuffed him inside the casket. The turn of events did not end here. Kane dragged the casket in an open place inside the arena to set the trapped Taker on fire after pouring it with Gasoline. Later on, in Wrestlemania 14, a returning Taker took his revenge by beating Kane.

Demon Kane sets his brother on fire.

Kane buries The Undertaker:

The long-lasting rivalries between Taker and Kane resulted in Kane’s interference into a buried alive match between Vince Mcmahon and Taker. At the last moment of the brutal match between them, the unmasked Kane threw Taker inside the grave to cover the grave with mud.

Vince vs The Undertaker

Kane Buries The Deadman again:

In 2010 Bragging Nights, two on-screen brothers faced each other off again in a World Heavyweight Title buried alive match. It’s unlikely to beat Taker in these kinds of matches without interference from anyone. And this time The Nexus took matters into their hand and helped Kane as much as possible to beat The Undertaker. The match ended in Kane pouring mud into the grave where Undertaker had been put in by The Nexus.

Buried alive match between Kane and The Deadman

Randy Orton Strikes twice:

Randy Orton, The Viper, is one of the shrewd psychopath characters developed by WWE throughout the years. He got the nickname “The Legend Killer” for his records of striking down the big names in the WWE. Orton defeated Taker in Summerslam to get his revenge on The Deadman as the latter beat him in Wreslemenia to continue his undefeated streak in that Event. Following the Smackdown witness, Orton’s brutal attack on Taker when ‘The Viper’ carried The Undertaker in a car to crash it into the Smackdown set, giving the impression of Taker’s death.

In 2005 No Mercy pay-per-view, The Viper copied Kane’s way of burning a casket-trapped Taker, only to find out that The Undertaker had vanished. Later that year, an arising from death Taker returned to hamper Orton’s victory celebration.

The Undertaker returns.

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