“I was feeling so excited about this debut”; Junior dos Santos opens up about his AEW debut

Junior Dos Santos said that he was excited about his AEW debut

Junior dos Santos talks about his AEW debut
Junior Dos Santos

Junios Dos Santos is a former UFC Heavyweight Champion and he joined Ariel Helwani in MMA Hour. The former champion made his AEW in ring debut at AEW Rampage this Friday and he opened up about his debut during his interview on MMA hour. The former UFC Heavyweight champion said:

Junior Dos Santos
Junior dos Santos said he was excited about his AEW debut

“I’ve been learning a lot in my career and my life. I’ve always been the nice guy, nice to everybody, but there are some people out there that don’t deserve me to be nice to them. They will turn their back on you whenever they have the chance. The thing is, I like being nice, but I have to be more cautious about who I’m going to be nice with. I like bringing the bad side as well in pro wrestling because it brings me some kind of comfort.”

“I was feeling so excited for this debut. A long time, I wasn’t feeling the MMA world because it was a lot of pressure on me and people demanding things all the time and not caring about you. Now, I was there and I was being appreciated to be there. I felt amazing and it was something I felt at the beginning of my career and the middle of my career when I became champion and it’s great to be feeling it again”

Junior Dos Santos recently called Roman Reigns out on Twitter

Junior Dos Santos calls Roman Reigns out on Twitter
Junior Dos Santos calls Roman Reigns out on Twitter

WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns recently sat in an interview and slammed AEW and their superstars. The Tribal Chief said that he would throw all the AEW stars out and will reign over which roster he joins. UFC megastar Junior Dos Santos called the Head of the Table out and said:

“Hey @WWERomanReigns I heard your interview. Please send the address of this club you will throw me and my little brothers out of #AEW

Reigns, on the other hand, is gearing up for his WWE Universal Championship title defense against ‘The Beast Incarnate’ Brock Lesnar. The pair will clash at Crown Jewel 2021 at Mohammed Abdu Arena in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. He had beaten ‘The Demon’ Finn Balor to set up a title clash with Lesnar.

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