“It was Special”- Kevin Owens revealed he recently praised a superstar to WWE higher-ups :-

The Prizefighter 'Kevin Owens' has revealed that he recently praised Tommaso Ciampa to Bruce Prichard.

Kevin Owens recently praised Tommaso Ciampa to higher ups.
Kevin Owens recently praised Tommaso Ciampa to higher-ups.

Kevin Owens has grown as a main-event level player in WWE recently. He’s a former Universal Champion, a US Champion and a former NXT champion too. Not only this but he recently main-evented Night 1 of Wrestlemania 38 in match against “Stone Cold” Steve Austin.

He recently expressed his praise for the newest member of Monday Night Raw roster, Tommaso Ciampa to one of WWE’s higher-ups, Bruce Prichard. Appearing on After the Bell podcast, Kevin Owens had to say the following –

Kevin Owens and Tommaso Ciampa are two of the best
Both Kevin Owens and Ciampa are former NXT Champions.

“I was telling Bruce, ‘This is special.’ Not everybody gets to come up [from NXT to RAW] that way with no fanfare, no real machine behind him. Just put him out there and see what happens, and crowds are really responding to him, so that’s really cool. That’s not something that happens for everybody so quick.”

Kevin Owens admitted that it’s a bit tricky for the NXT call-ups to connect with the main roster audience –

Tommaso Ciampa is a former NXT Champion
Tommaso Ciampa is a former NXT Champion.

We all are familiar with the fact that Ciampa was one of the cornerstones of WWE NXT’s black and gold brand. He had some thrilling rivalries and some great matches against Johnny Gargano, Adam Cole, Walter just to name a few.

Still, coming on the main-roster and directly connecting with that audience-base is not an easy task to speak the least. The fans watching WWE’s main shows also watch NXT but in a different way. WWE NXT usually has a hardcore wrestling fanbase and which is obviously a smaller portions of the audience as compared to a much larger main-roster fanbase which includes some casual fans too.

Kevin Owens also felt the same thing about guys getting called up from NXT and not getting that kind of reaction that they deserve immediately.

“When you go out in that arena for RAW, sometimes 70 percent of the audience… they know what NXT is but they don’t really pay attention to it, so they don’t know who this guy is. He comes out to relative silence, or he used to. On Monday, he came out to a huge reaction. He’s having matches and people are getting behind him so much.” Keeping in mind the success he got in NXT, Ciampa can become an impactful character on the mainroster too.

We wish the best for his future deeds.

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