WWE might have trouble booking the women’s Elimination Chamber match

WWE might struggle at booking the women’s match inside the Elimination Chamber. One match has already been announced for the WWE Championship.

Elimination Chamber 2018 was the first time featuring women wrestlers inside the Chamber

WWE is gearing up for their next PPV of the year, Elimination Chamber. The PPV started way back in 2002 but the matches did not feature the women wrestlers. In 2018, Royal Rumble and Elimination Chamber featured the women in the special matches for the first time.

But the way WWE is currently building up to Elimination Chamber, it seems like they might not have the women inside the Chamber this year. Currently two traditional matches have been booked.

Lacey Evans will be taking on Asuka for the WWE Raw Women’s Championship. The WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship will be on the line too. Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax will be defending their titles against Lana and Naomi.

Usually, the PPV features two matches inside the Elimination Chamber. One of them has been announced. The WWE Championship will be up for grabs. McIntyre will be facing Randy Orton, Jeff Hardy, AJ Styles, The Miz and Sheamus. Since two Championship matches for the women on Raw has already been announced, it is unlikely that the other Chamber match will feature the women from Raw.

The Smackdown brand remains. Their roster has wrestlers who could fill in the 6 spots, considering it is a  title match featuring Sasha Banks. But WWE is unlikely to book this match either, as WWE already plans a Championship match between Banks and Belair at Wrestlemania 37.

WWE might book an Elimination Chamber match with Roman Reigns

Universal Champion Roman Reigns

An Elimination Chamber match featuring the Superstars from Smackdown is yet to be announced. The WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns is undoubtedly a priority for WWE. We could get a match with him putting the title on the line. Kevin Owens could also be a part of the match. They could probably be joined by Daniel Bryan, Seth Rollins and Rey Mysterio.

But even if WWE goes for a singles match with Reigns, there are possibilities for other matches too. Big E could also put his Intercontinental title on the line.

WWE Elimination Chamber airs live on 21st February, 2021.

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