Twitter reactions over new United States Champion crowned at WWE Summerslam 2021

Damian Priest is the new United States Champion

Damian priest def Sheamus to become the new United States Champion

Sheamus and Damian Priest locked horns at Summerslam with the United States Championship on the line and after so much hard work from Priest, the latter finally won a championship in the main roster of WWE. Damian Priest defeated Sheamus to become the new United States Champion and get praises from all over the world.

The match started with Priest using his power and athleticism to get the upper hand but the Celtic Warrior was able to turn the tables after driving priest into the ring post. He then delivered a couple of suplexes but Priest was determinant and didn’t stay down for long.

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Summerslam saw a high-profile match as a new United States Champion was crowned

Priest then fought back with a tornado DDT and some power strikes shook Sheamus’ world. Priest then delivered a spinning kick from the top rope to get two close counts. Shamus then fought back with an albama slam but was able to get two only. In the end Priest delivered the reckoning to the champion to get the win.

Now that Priest is the new champion, deserving superstars like Ricochet, Humberto Carrillo, Mustafa Ali, and more get opportunities to change their career. The mid-card of WWE Raw will now see a fighting champion and Priest will now set foot in the world championship soon.

Twitter is elated after new United States Champion is crowned at Summerslam

The WWE Universe reacted to the thunderous match at Summerslam

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