WATCH: Top female WWE star accidentally hits a car while leaving the arena after fans swarmed her

Following her WarGames match, Asuka encountered a huge hoard of fans on both sides of the road cheering for her.

WATCH: Top female WWE star accidentally hits a car while leaving the arena after fans swarmed her

Asuka in her car (via X)

Survivor Series 2023 was an exciting and memorable event for the fans, just as it was for the superstars. After having an incredible WarGames match, WWE Superstar Asuka was highly appreciated for her performance. However, while leaving the Allstate Arena, the former Women’s Champion accidentally hit a car.

After wrapping up the Women’s WarGames match at Survivor Series, Asuka was leaving in her car, with a huge number of fans cheering for her on both sides of the road. The Empress of Tomorrow got exhilarated by all this fan interaction and smashed the car inadvertently into another car ahead of her.


Asuka was involved in a barbaric WarGames match. She was a part of an improvised Damage CTRL featuring Bayley, Iyo Sky, Kairi Sane, and herself. The group faced the team of Bianca Belair, Charlotte Flair, Becky Lynch, and Shotzi. Fans highly enjoyed the match. Therefore, they showcased their excitement while Asuka was exiting the arena.

The Empress of Tomorrow is a veteran in professional wrestling. It is justified that she has such a huge fan base. She has been a former women’s champion in WWE. Moreover, she has had an illustrious career in wrestling. It is going to be interesting to see where the future of the superstar is headed from here on out.

Bayley called Asuka the best in the women’s division

Bayley and Asuka have been good friends. They share amazing chemistry in the ring. Recently, the two stars teamed up for their WarGames match at Survivor Series. Previously, Bayley has heavily praised Asuka in a number of interviews. She called her the best superstar among them.

Bayley and Asuka
Bayley and Asuka (via X)

While appearing on an episode of UpUpDownDown, The Role Model divulged her thoughts on the Empress of Tomorrow. Bayley stated that Asuka has been consistent with her work. Bayley even rated the Japanese superstar out of 100 and said that Asuka does things better than everyone.

She's just the best. If I were to choose [her rating], she should be at a 95. She's the best. She's been doing this for so long and consistently, and can do it better than any of us could ever dream of. She's never slowed down.
Bayley on Asuka

Moreover, Bayley revealed that if she could have rated Asuka in WWE 2K23, she would have rated her a solid 95. Asuka is highly respected by the WWE Universe, along with her friends and other professional wrestling entities. She has been a consistent superstar in WWE. It is going to be interesting to see her next step after suffering a loss at the Survivor Series.

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