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“I was just in SHOCK” Bayley gets nostalgic as she re-witnesses a scene with Triple H 7 years later

Bayley has a great wrestling career. She recently revealed of the incident that happened 7 years back but still made her nostalgic today in WWE.

Bayley and Triple H

It hasn’t been long since Bayley returned to the ring. The WWE Universe witnessed a new dominating side of Bayley’s character. She is loved by the audience, as a heel as well as a babyface. 


She has portrayed herself as a very outspoken nature and has voiced her opinion at various moments. She has also never stopped praising people for their achievements. The fans always have a reason or other to love their ‘Role Model’.

She was on ‘The Five Count’, where she spoke of the changes Triple H brought to the company. She also recalled the time when the news of Vince McMahon’s retirement broke out to her. And how can she forget her first wrestling ring – NXT. 


Bayley said that she was in a state of shock when she got to know about Vince McMahon‘s retirement. She couldn’t think of anything and was confused if they were to party or feel weird. Whatever she went through, according to her, was a “strange feeling“. 

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Bayley reveals multiple backstage stories

Bayley and Triple H

She revealed some backstage stories about which the superstars talk. She said that Vince’s retirement and Triple H’s control are often the topics of discussion amongst them. Things at the company are very different. They are neither better nor worse than before but everything feels different.

She highly praised Triple H and explained the kind of bond she shares with him. She has known Triple H since her NXT days. “He understands what I’ve been through and where I want to go and how I view my character and things like that,” she said.

Everyone in the industry was happy to see things from a different perspective. Everyone is happy to witness some changes in the company. “I can see a shift, it’s kinda like a new relationship, is how everybody feels. Everybody has a little extra spunk in them because it’s different,” she added.

She also recalled one of the incidents where she was talking to Finn Balor and then suddenly Triple H walks in. This trio was once the ultimate talk of NXT. Bayley and Balor were the champions back then. “Isn’t this so weird? It feels like seven years ago again,” Bayley could be seen getting nostalgic.

She also added, “Hunter was very hands-on and having him there again feels like Twilight Zone.” Bayley has a lot of experience in the field of wrestling and is currently named as one of the best wrestlers in the WWE industry. 

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