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“Vincent Van GOAT of WWE is going to feel like stealing the show”- Becky Lynch is already confident of tearing the house down at Wrestlemania 39

Becky Lynch would be back soon and also a major involvement from her side is expected next year at Wrestlemania as seemingly confirmed her herself.

Becky Lynch

Becky Lynch is one of the most established WWE female superstar of all-time. Becky’s record breaking title reigns and supreme level in-ring technicalities have always been the prime characteristics of her programming. She became the first woman to capture both the Raw as well as the Smackdown Women’s Championship in the main-event of Wrestlemania when she defeated Ronda Rousey and Charlotte Flair in a Winner Take all Triple-threat match.


She recently faced Bianca Belair at Summerslam for the Raw Women’s Championship in a losing attempt but it was exactly after the match when she finally found who truly is she as Becky came to the support of Belair against the dynamic trio of Bayley, Dakota Kai and IYO SKY to somehow even the odds even a bit. The crowd popped big time for the longest reigning Raw Women’s Champion in WWE history. Next night on Raw, she revealed that after going through a physical battle last night, she injured her shoulder and won’t be continuing wrestling immediately after.

Unfortunately, the worst part came when she had to announce her time off from WWE as part of her injury but promised the fans to come back even stronger and better than ever. We now know that Becky would be reverting back to her The Man gimmick once she crawls her way back into the shed and that is something many people have been craving to see.


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Becky Lynch seemingly confirms big Involvement at Wrestlemania next year

Becky Lynch wrestled Bianca Belair at Summerslam

Becky us injured right now but that doesn’t kept her away from attending Wrestlemania 39 launch party at the SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles. She patched up with Bianca Belair and legendary rapper Snoop Dogg at the event and even showcased her sensual and attractive dance steps by shaking her butt with them.

Becky Lynch addressed the people and entire WWE Universe from Los Angeles at the Launch Party for next year’s Grand Spectacle saying although she might be a little banged up due to injury but the Vincent Van Goat of WWE is stealing the show next year at the Sofi Stadium pretty much similar to what she and Belair did this year in Dallas. She also called for the Lax Airport to be named after and become “LA Becks” because she would be taking over the city of Los Angeles come Wrestlemania weekend next year. With this, Becky Lynch almost confirmed that she would be involved in something really huge at Mania in 2023.

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