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“Worst Feud Award” When Dave Meltzer criticized WWE for a  controversial segment involving Big Show

Former WWE Champion Big Show was booked in one of the most controversial segments in the history of WWE

Big Show

Paul Wight  well known around the world among the wrestling fans as the Big Show is a former WWE Champion who currently works for All Elite Wrestling. The Big Show is one of the most iconic wrestlers to ever step foot in the wrestling ring and has a career that anyone would be proud of. Show who was basketball player in his college days was discovered by Hulk Hogan when he saw big show handling the crowd and suggested him to then WCW vice president Eric Bischoff. In 1995 World Championship Wrestling signed Big Show and made his in ring debut against the Immortal Hulk Hogan in a winning effort.


During his time In WCW big show would feuds with the likes of Ric Flair, Kevin Nash ,Hulk Hogan and many more and also became a multiple time WCW Tag Team Champion with Sting and Razor Ramon. In 1999 Show signed a 10 year contract with WWE and made his debut as part of The Corporation and attacked Steve Austin while interfering in a match.  He would make his Wrestlemania debut at WMXV where he face Mankind for a right to referee the main event of the night which was a WWE Championship match.

At survivor series in 1999 after winning his match against the Big Boss Man Show was put into a triple threat match for the WWE Championship involving The Rock and Triple H. Show would go on to defeat both of them winning the WWE Championship for the first time in his career. Since his first title Big Show has gone on to secure a legend status in the WWE as he would become a four time WWE Champion, one time US Champion, one time intercontinental champion and become the 12th Grand Slam Champion in the history of WWE.


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Big Show was involved in one of the most controversial segments in WWE history

Former World Heavyweight Champion Big SHow

Big Show has been a reason for many memorable moments throughout the WWE history but the feud that got all the negative remarks and was dispised by wrestling fans and expert all over the world was with the Big Boss Man. Big show had been in a tag team with the Undertaker where both of them were the tag team champions but had to vacate the titles due to Undertaker’s injury.

After the injury Show was portrayed as a face and began feuding with Big Boss Man. It was shown that the Big Show had lost his father but in reality his father had passed away years before it was shown in WWE. The story revolved around the death of big show’s father, in a highly controversial segment it was shown that while attending the funeral for Big Show’s father the Big Boss Man would invade the funeral and hijack the casket of wight’s father with help of a chain.

Big Boss Man dragging away the casket of Big Show’s father

The Big Boss Man then proceeded to chain the casket to a car and drag the casket along the road with the Big Show trying to keep hold of the casket and would eventually be dragged with the casket. This was done so that the boss man could gain some heat but it was received in very bad taste by everyone in the wrestling industry. The segment and feud was so ill received that it managed to get a “Worst Feud Award” from the Wrestling Observers Newsletter.

Vince McMahon and his company are renowned for booking angles which are controversial but what they did with Big Show has to be there amongst the very worst.

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