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“Nobody can outwork me, I am the champ” – An emotional Bobby Lashley issues warning to his rivals after winning WWE United States Championship

WWE United States Champion Bobby Lashley became emotional after defending his title at Money in the Bank on Saturday

Bobby lashley, after winning the WWE championship last year.

This past Saturday, Bobby Lashley and Theory took on each other at the WWE Money in the Bank live premium event. Whoever won the contest would have lifted the United States Championship title. After a hard-fought match that highlighted the strengths of both competitors, it was Lashley who reigned over Theory.


In the end, it was Bobby Lashley’s Hurt Locker move that made the trick for the 45-year-old. Consequently, the very victory marked the beginning of Lashley’s third reign with the highly-coveted title.

During an interview on WWE TV moments after the contest, Lashley said, “I started this thing out 20 years ago, just busting my ass. And I always get to those times where I’m in training and I’m like, can I keep doing this? Then I get out there with that crowd. They start chanting my name. I look at my kids, my kids call me beforehand, ‘Dad, go out there and win.’“


The WWE United States Champion further said, “I’m still grinding, I’m still putting in the hard work. The work I put and the sacrifice, I have still got so much more to go. This title feels good. I got some respect, this respect to the United States title, because I’m gonna defend this with honor.”

Anybody who wants a piece of this, they can come get it. I’m working too hard and nobody can outwork me. And nobody’s gonna fight harder than me, I’m the champ, I’m the champ”, he concluded.

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Was it obvious that Bobby Lashley will win against Theory?

Bobby Lashley

It was a short-lived agony for Theory. In the early encounter of Saturday evening, Bobby Lashley, with his gigantic appearance, ensured that it was the 45-year-old who would emerge victorious at the end of the match. But moments later, just before the men’s MITB ladder match started, WWE announced that Theory would participate in the multi-wrestler feud.

Ultimately, Theory tasted his first victory of the evening in his second attempt, as he took home the briefcase after beating the likes of Seth Rollins, Omos, Riddle, Sami Zayn, and others. Ever since that happened, the WWE Universe started expressing their disgust about Theory being included in the ladder match despite his defeat to Bobby Lashley. But it seems everything is right in war, love, and WWE.

Experts, who believe Theory would be a big star, later on, agree on the fact that it’s okay to lose to such a star like Bobby Lashley. Simply put, Bobby’s appearance does the talking. There’s no practical chance that someone with a physique like that of Theory could overcome the mammoth challenge presented by Lashley.

Now it would be interesting to see who emerges as the next opponent of Bobby Lashley and what more successes await him.

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