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“He was right at the TOP”- Two-time NXT Champion expresses his admiration for The Miz

Two-time NXT Champion Ciampa says that he has a lot of respect for Former WWE Champion The Miz

The Miz in WWE

The Miz is one of the most talented WWE Superstars of all time. The Miz has been one of the best heels in the WWE and is a complete entertainer. He was not much of a babyface in his career, but his work as a baby face was appreciated during his feud with The Fiend Bray Wyatt in 2019. The Miz has one of the best mic skills in the history of WWE and has also improved much as a wrestler since his debut. The Former WWE Champion exudes Charisma and delivers top notch promos, with his 2016 promo on Talking Smack to Daniel Bryan regarded as best in recent years.


The Miz was recently involved in a feud with Logan Paul, with their rivalry beginning at WrestleMania 38, where Paul was Miz’s Tag partner and both were successful in defeating the Mysterios but after the match The Miz betrayed Paul by delivering a skull crushing finale. Paul then challenged Miz for a match at WWE SummerSlam this year, where Logan defeated Miz and won his first singles match as a professional wrestler.

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Ciampa revealed recently that he is a fan of the Miz

The Miz and Ciampa in WWE

Ciampa has sided with Miz and has accompanied him to matches since July of this year. Ciampa stated in a recent interview prior to SummerSlam that Miz is his brother’s favorite wrestler and that he has always loved and admired Miz. Ciampa mentioned Miz as a person who overcome difficulties. Ciampa compared himself to the Miz, referring to the rejections they both suffered in the past, yet they both thrived to be at the top despite the rejections.

Ciampa discussed his connection with The Miz in a recent interview with Scott Fishman of SeScoops. He stated that the collaboration was his idea, and The Miz was on his list of potential collaborators. Ciampa explains that when he was asked to do a program with someone, Miz was at the top of his list. Ciampa stated that he has a great deal of respect for The Miz and that he is a great man. He claimed that Miz has worked with the organization for a long time and is well-versed in its operations. He stated that The Miz is an accomplished wrestler, as seen by his headlining WrestleMania, being a main eventer, and winning many titles in the company.

“I love it. I think it might have been my idea. I don’t remember. I know he was up there on my list of, ‘Hey, if you’re going to do the first program with somebody. Who would that be?’ He was right at the top. I just have a lot of respect for him. I think he is fantastic. He has been in this system for a long time and knows how the system works, as far as headlining WrestleMania, being a main-eventer and winning different titles.”

Ciampa fought against Bobby Lashley for the US Championship match on this week’s RAW, but failed to win the match.

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