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“We need someone to take him down” – Drew McIntyre shares his opinion on Roman Reigns’ new contract

WWE Superstar Drew McIntyre shares his opinion on WWE Champion Roman reigns current contract with WWE

Drew McIntyre in the ring in WWE

Drew McIntyre is one of the dominating wrestlers of the current generation in WWE. The two time WWE Champion has Challenged and faced some top current stars in the business. Drew McIntyre was also a part of Impact wrestling(TNA) after his release from WWE in 2014. He has been  a 1 time Impact Grand Champion and  1 time TNA World Heavyweight Champion during his time in TNA.

Drew McIntyre hasn’t got the opportunity to wrestle for the WWE Championship since his feud with the then WWE Champion Bobby Lashley in 2021. McIntyre lost to lashley at Hell in a Cell 2021. Though he hasn’t yet qualified for the Money in the Bank Ladder match, He recently declared that he is confident of winning the match and even has plans to cash it.

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Drew McIntyre vs Roman reigns expected to happen soon

Drew McIntyre, when he was a WWE Champion

According to Roman Reigns’ current WWE contract, “The tribal chief” will only participate in some well known classic live events. The contract has been similar to that of Brock lesnar’s, who participated in fewer events back in 2021.

Recently, Drew McIntyre was on WWE’s The Bump where he discussed a variety of topics, with one of them being Roman Reigns’ new Contract with WWE.

McIntyre said that one of the two main WWE World Championships that Roman has should be in the business and accessible for competition. He said that Roman has signed the contract of appearing in few events is not a problem but atleast one championship should be available for competition and for that somebody needs to step up.

Drew McIntyre and Roman Reigns came face to face on an edition of SmackDown

“His confidence is at an all-time high. We’ve always known how good Roman is. He’s always been incredible in the ring. He was always holding back in a certain way and I guess that was his character and who he was outside the ring because in the end, that’s the real Roman, he’s all about him or his family, as he claims, but inevitably he’s all about himself. Since he’s embraced his true self, he’s gone to levels that most of us could never even imagine so good for him. Bad for us, he’s got both the titles, he’s not on all the shows. We need those titles back, and I don’t hold it against him. He didn’t offer the contract, he signed the contract so if he’s not always there then that’s cool but we need those titles back. We need somebody to step up. We need someone to take him down.” 

Recently during an interview with wrestling observer radio, Dave Melltzer had stated that WWE wants a Stadium show to feature Drew McIntyre vs Roman reigns. Meltzer stated, both being bigger stars in WWE as the reason for this. Drew McIntyre and Roman Reigns last faced each other at WWE Backlash in a six man tag match, where “The Bloodline” defeated Drew McIntyre and RK- Bro.

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