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“We wanted to take our time” Dwayne Johnson explains NFL and XFL connections

Dwayne Johnson has been ruling the hearts of the Hollywood industry as well as in WWE. With his love for football, he opens up about the same.

The Rock explains how NFL and XFL are connected

Dwayne Johnson is not just a WWE Superstar. He has established himself as one of the most successful Hollywood celebrities. He has also been on his way to be a footballer but destiny had some other plans for him. He left football and entered into wrestling following his family’s legacy. 

The early years of his wrestling career were not as great. With time, his gimmick changed and that changed his life forever. He won many championships and gained the love of innumerable fans. His debut to Hollywood proved to be successful for his WWE career that earned him many fans. Currently, he is the co-owner of XFL. 

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Dwayne Johnson simplifies the NFL and XFL connections

Dwyane Johnson speaks about the NFL and XFL connect.

Recently, Dwayne Johnson was on the show Jimmy Kimmel Live. Being the co-owner of XFL, the company founded by Vince McMahon, he was asked about the future of the same. “We wanted to take our time, do it right- this is the third iteration of XFL“, said Dwayne. 

XFL was thought to re enter into action after NFL ends its season. But the preparation took time and eventually it started in 2020. It had hardly gained confidence when Covid-19 pandemic put everything to halt. The pandemic broke the business’ back and ultimately, it went bankrupt. 

Now, with things getting back to normal, NFL and XFL have grown into partners by working like no other company that exists.  “The NFL has an Alumni Academy, that if you don’t roster throughout the NFL season, you automatically get a contract to go to the XFL, to play there“, Dwayne Johnson said. 

Dwayne Johnson had his first dream of being a professional footballer. He joined various clubs and universities only to be a part of national football clubs. He recalled when his coaches used to tell him that he is good but not good enough. He is a part of the company to live his dream through the eyes of others. 

He provides better opportunities to players by offering them better training and teams and works on their skills. Adding to the benefit of the company, he said, “The NFL has an Alumni Academy, that if you don’t roster throughout the NFL season, you automatically get a contract to go to the XFL, to play there“. 

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