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WATCH : Dwayne Johnson inaugurates his brand new Canon Room at a restaurant in Beverly Hills

The Great One has recently inaugurated a brand new Canon Room in Beverly Hills at one of his favourite restaurant worldwide

Dwayne Johnson has cut ribbon for his brand new Canon room in Maestro Restaurant

Dwayne Johnson who is better known to the wrestling world as The Rock is an utterly busy fellow. He keeps setting new physical standards each passing day which usually surprises his followers around the globe especially because he does this at ease in his 50s. Even though he doesn’t finds much leisure time from his packed movie schedule, he keeps doing good deeds on a frequently basis.

Recently he gifted her cousin Tamina Snuka a new house which brought her into tears. Now, Dwayne has shared a new post via his official Instagram handle in which he’s seen inaugurating a brand new Canon Room by his name at the Mastro Restaurant located in Beverly Hills, California.

He wrote that this is one of his favourite restaurants around the world. He also noted that this very room at the Mastro’s has witnessed some of the biggest deals The Great One has ever closed in his career. In the video, Dwayne can be seen cutting the ribbon by a huge custom scissors to kick off the festivities for his Canon Room which was met by him to a surprise as the restaurant owners revealed that to him.

You can check out the video shared by Dwayne Johnson here.

Although getting a room named after himself is not that of a big deal for The Brahma Bull considering the kind of lavish life he enjoys achieved with all of the toil and hardwork he’s done over the years ago. The level of his aura and worldwide following is second to no one.

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Dwayne Johnson could return to WWE next year

Dwayne Johnson is the flag bearer of the Samoan Dynasty

Although he’s been heavily concentrated on his Hollywood commitments recently, his wrestling fans are clamoring to see The Rock compete once again in a WWE ring and that too against a match with his cousin, Roman Reigns who has been dominating WWE and killing the current “Tribal Chief” character ever since his return to WWE at Summerslam two years back in 2020. Teased multiple times in the past, this dream match is yet to become a reality.

During the Survivor Series last year, The Rock completed his 25 years with the WWE and he was originally planned to be a part of the event but was scrapped off later due to WWE changing up their plans. It was being said that WWE wanted The Rock to have that marquee match at Wrestlemania Hollywood in Los Angeles in 2023.

Although WWE wants this match to happen, it’s still can’t be said a “lock” at the moment as Dwayne’s schedule keeps changing every given moment and if someone the worst happens and he can’t pull out some time from his busy tight schedule, we might have to settle with only dreams of seeing this match for our entire life.

The best scenario for Dwayne Johnson to make his WWE return could be at next year’s Royal Rumble event to set up a potential match against Reigns in some capacity at Wrestlemania Hollywood in spring.

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