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“There’ll never be another time like this in pro wrestling” Dwayne Johnson responds to fans commenting on his rivalry with Steve Austin

Former WWE World Heavyweight Champion The Rock or known as Dwayne Johnson responds to fans saying Stone Cold and The Rock had the best rivalry.

The Rock and Steve Austin in 2000 during their rivarly.

Dwayne Johnson is the biggest example of a wrestler who can step out of the in-ring competition and find success there also. Dwayne steps out of the wrestling industry in 2005 and entered Hollywood. Dwayne has given very good movies from then and has worked with one of the biggest names in Hollywood and he became one too.

Dwayne Johnson was wrestling with the name of The Rock in WWE’S Attitude and Ruthless Aggression era. He had legendary rivalries when he was in the company. The Rock won WWE Championship and World Heavyweight Championship ten times on different occasions and also won the Royal Rumble of 2000. The people’s champion also main evented WrestleMania several times.

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Dwayne Johnson vs Stone Cold Steve Austin

Dwayne Johnson responds to everyone saying about his rivalry with Stone Cold

Stone Cold was a huge name not only in WWE but also in the whole world he was the only guy who did not fear anyone not even his boss and fought his boss. His character, his presentation, his mic skills, and his ring talent were the reason he was all over the fans from 1995 to 2010. Even in 2010, he was forced to get retire as he suffered a career-threatening neck injury by taking a piledriver.

The Rock or known as Dwayne Johnson has excellent matches and very good rivalries with Stone Cold both were amazing in the ring and both have the charisma to attract fans to their corner for the match. Both wrestlers fight a total of three times at big events in which two times Stone Cold won and one time the win belonged to the Rock.

The rivalry was one of the best known to date recently when KLSH tweeted that The Rock vs Stone Cold was the best rivalry that possibly exists in this wrestling world. Dwayne Johnson responded to the tweet. He said that this was the time WWE was on fire this was the time pro wrestling fans were on the fire. At this time fans felt the hunger and passion for the match. Fans made the rivalry so good we were just portraying our character.

His exact tweet is, “There’ll never be another time like this in pro wrestling. Wrestling industry was on FIRE + with a PPV biz model Stone Cold and I approached every main event with an “if we don’t draw PPV’s, then we don’t fuckin’ eat” attitude. Fans felt that hunger and passion. SCSA = GOAT”

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