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WATCH: Dwayne Johnson makes a SURPRISING appearance at Comic-Con to promote Black Adam

Dwayne Johnson or known by his ring name The Rock has been surprising his fans with a random appearance to promote his new movie, Black Adam.

Dwayne Johnson

Dwayne Johnson has been the biggest movie star of this generation and has been on the top of the movie industry before this he was also on the top of the wrestling industry where he was the people’s champ and the most electrifying wrestler. The Rock has not been seen on WWE for a long time and was last seen in WWE when Smackdown premiered on Fox where he came to have a brawl against King Corbin.


Dwayne Johnson has not been seen since then as he has a very busy schedule for his movies and does not have time to appear in WWE The Brahma Bull has stated he wants another small run in WWE for one last match so eagerly but he is not able to get it on his own because of how tight his schedule is in Hollywood. The Rock is a ten-time World Champion and is an amazing wrestler.

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Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam has very big expectations

Dwayne Johnson in his Black Adam role

Dwayne Johnson has done a lot of movies recently he did one of the animated movies which were produced by DC comics and were called the DC Super League Pets. Dwayne Johnson dubbed the main character Krypto in the movie and has already done one more movie with DC and the movie name will be Black Adam.

Black Adam is a huge DC villain and is known because of his sheer strength to even fight Superman one on one. His new movie is going to get out soon so to promote his new movie The Rock has been promoting it by meeting fans. Recently he made a very surprising appearance at the Comic-Con where the crowd goes nuts after seeing him you can watch the video below by clicking right here.

The Rock has been attached to the character Black Adam for more than a decade and hopes and wants that the movie will earn good money the movie will be in theaters soon and is going to be the biggest movie in DC. Dwayne Johnson has promised the fans that he is going to give them a fantastic movie. Let’s see how the movie turns out.

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