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“This shouldn’t even be happening”; When Edge laughed at Vince McMahon for the ‘Greatest Wrestling Match Ever’ idea

Edge and Randy Orton battled each other in the 'Greatest Wrestling Match Ever' at WWE Backlash 2020

Edge laughed at Vince McMahon for the 'Greatest Wrestling Match Ever' idea

Edge and Randy Orton are two of the most established superstars in all of WWE. The two men have been friends of each other for quite some times and also turned on each other after the Rated R superstar made his royal return at Royal Rumble 2020. The two men have battled each other multiple times after the WWE Hall of Famer’s return which has been one of the biggest rivalries of the industry.

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Edge and Randy Orton were a part of the Greatest Wrestling Match Ever at WWE Backlash 2020

Edge and Randy Orton battles each other in a WrestleMania 36 rematch after the Rated R superstar defeated the Viper in a Last Man Standing match. Not only that but the two were also a part of another one-on-one match at WWE Backlash 2020 which Vince McMahon wanted to be advertised as the Greatest Wrestling Match Ever. But the Rated R superstar didn’t like the idea and laughed at the Chairman of WWE for the idea:

“This shouldn’t even be happening. Let alone for the company, and let’s call it straight, Vince, to think that he can bill this the ‘Greatest Match Ever’. Would I have preferred they not billed it as that? Absolutely. But I also know there are times where heels get dug in the sand and there’s no changing it. I just laughed because I didn’t think it was serious. Then I realised fairly quickly it was. And then my reaction was, is this wise, because anytime you say something the greatest beforehand, you’re setting yourself up for failure. And I don’t ever want to think that way.”

Edge and Randy Orton at WWE Backlash 2020

“If I were to look at it on paper and go right, first proper wrestling match back in nine and a half years and they want to bill it as the greatest wrestling match ever … I mean, that’s pretty pressure filled. But I can’t look at it that way, I really can’t. I just have to understand that it’s promotion and it’s hype. I always go out with a mindset to try and have the best match that I’ve ever had.”Metro.co.uk

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