“This is the best version of him” – WWE Universe goes comical as they relive Brock Lesnar trolling a young fan in a very amusing way

WWE shared a hilarious video where Brock Lesnar was seen interacting with a young fan, lending his cowboy hat and seizing it away in an instant.

“This is the best version of him” – WWE Universe goes comical as they relive Brock Lesnar trolling a young fan in a very amusing way

Brock Lesnar on RAW (via Wrestling Headlines)

Brock Lesnar had quite a memorable run with his babyface character that lasted from Raw XXX to WrestleMania 39. His “cowboy” gimmick received love from fans and became popular in no time. A moment during his feud with Omos saw him appear on RAW to accept the latter’s challenge. During his entrance, he was seen engaging with a young fan and giving him his hat. But just after a few seconds, his mood changed, and he took it back fiercely.


The February 27, 2023, episode of RAW saw Brock Lesnar answer Omos’ challenge for a match at WrestleMania 39 at a VIP Lounge with MVP. As Lesnar was entering the ring, he interacted with the fans sitting in the front row and shook hands with them. A moment came when a person interacted with Lesnar, holding his child in one hand. Brock happily took his cowboy hat and put it on that young fan’s head. Moreover, he adjusted it properly on his tiny head and looked at him with a smile.

But the delighted mood of The Beast lasted only for a second, as he then snatched away his hat from the child. WWE’s official Twitter handle shared this clip with a hilarious caption. WWE stated it to be a sweet moment, “for maybe 5 seconds. 🤠” As a result, fans reacted to this video with hilarious comments saying about Lesnar’s unpredictability.

Brock Lesnar was then seen entering the ring for a VIP Lounge segment with MVP. It was to hype up his feud with Omos at WrestleMania 39. On Raw after Mania, the Beast Incarnate attacked Cody Rhodes and got back into his heel persona. He is still feuding with The American Nightmare and is rumored to face him at SummerSlam.


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WWE Universe reacts to Brock Lesnar’s prank on a young fan

Brock Lesnar with his fans
The Beast Incarnate Brock Lesnar with the fans (via Essentially Sports)

Brock Lesnar once pranked a young fan as he handed over his hat to the child. But he turned the tables after a while as he took it back fiercely from him and walked away from him. This certain clip of Lesnar’s sweet yet unpredictable act was shared by WWE’s Twitter handle. Fans have reacted to this tweet with some humorous comments.

Brock Lesnar returned to WWE this week on Raw during a segment and interrupted Cody Rhodes. The two superstars got into a wild brawl, with Rhodes getting the upper hand. Lesnar will most likely battle the American Nightmare at SummerSlam this year. Fans have been waiting to witness the third chapter in their storyline.

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