Finn Balor believes he can improve his damaging ability if WWE Hall of Famer returns soon

If the WWE Hall of Famer Edge makes a quick comeback, Former Universal Champion Finn Balor thinks he can increase his capacity for damage.

Finn Balor in WWE
Finn Balor in WWE
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Finn Balor is having a great time in the WWE as of now, as he is doing some of the best work of his career while being a part of the Judgment Day. The members of the Judgment Day along with Finn Balor are perfect heels on the roster and the WWE Universe absolutely loves to watch them. The most recent that Judgment Day faced the Mysterios at a live event was at the Clash at the Castle, where they lost the match but gained a new member in their group when Dominik Mysterio joined their hands by betraying Edge and his Father Rey.

The Judgment Day recently beat the Rated R Superstar on RAW, where they jammed Edge’s leg in the chair and thereafter Finn Balor performed a coup de grace on him. Since then Edge hasn’t been seen on RAW and it is likely that he has been injured. This week on RAW, Finn Balor and Priest teamed up against Rey Mysterio and Matt Riddle and defeated them successfully, it seems like Edge is an ideal partner for Rey Mysterio and he awaits for the Rated R Superstar’s return more than anyone else.

Finn Balor along with other members of Judgment Day appeared on WWE’s The Bump, where he spoke about injuring the Rated R Superstar. A grade two MCL is nothing compared to the awful things he has done in his career, he claimed, adding that he is amazed the coup de grace didn’t do more harm to Edge. Edge has been forewarned by Finn Balor, who claims that if Edge gets to return soon, he can increase the harm on Edge.

 “I’m actually surprised it didn’t cause more damage to be honest with you,” Finn Balor said. “A grade two sprain to an MCL? I’ve done a lot worse, to be honest. So, if he can stand up anytime soon and wants to drag himself back to RAW, which I don’t think that’s going to be in the next couple of months, we can improve on the damage.”

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Finn Balor speaks about the man responsible for Dominik’s Heel turn

Rhea Ripley, Dominik Mysterio, Damien Priest and Finn Balor
Rhea Ripley, Dominik Mysterio, Damien Priest and Finn Balor

During his appearance on the Bump Finn Balor also spoke about the man responsible to turn Dominik into a villain. Rey Mysterio is to blame for Dominik’s actions, according to Balor, who claimed that they weren’t to blame for pushing Dominik against his father. According to Finn Balor, Dominik was picked on, teased, and poked by Rey every day until one day Dominik Mysterio reached his breaking point and decided to turn upon his father and Edge.

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