“WWE is a very small company” Wrestling analyst reveals that Investors are interested to sell off the company

Owing to the slump in the market and overall perception the investors of WWE are keen to sell it amid the allegation on its Ex-Chairman.

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WWE is probably the biggest wrestling company in the world right now. But it seems like the last few months have not been good for the company’s fortune. As many observers and critics had said the quality of the WWE product was degrading under Vince McMahon’s rule and amid all the allegations and stuff it was being said that it would be a good time for Vince to pass the torch to the younger generation. Though no one was expecting how quickly the move will be initiated. Vince unexpectedly announced his retirement from all his positions in the company on July 22 via a tweet.

McMahon thanked all his superstars and WWE Universe for believing in the product. Though many were shocked because of the timing of the move as it came just a week before Summerslam but the backstage reactions were mostly noted as positive. Ever since the power change and all the stuff happening around the company in the past week, the company has shown significant growth as fans believe that Triple H’s creative direction can steer the company to new heights.

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WWE Investors are keen to sell the company if The McMahon’s want it

WWE was earlier being run by Vince McMahon and now her daughter and son in law are in charge after his retirement.

Earlier, the overall product had noticed a slump because of the allegations of Vince paying hush money to former employees for keeping silent on the sexual misconduct that happened to them during their tenure. This had led to huge damage to WWE’s perception of the market. Though the company tried everything in its capacity for damage control, but it seems like the tactics have not been working for the company.

According to Brandon Ross, who is a wrestling analyst, investors are interested in selling the company. While speaking to Wrestlenomics Ross said- “There’s always been this idea that, look, WWE is a pretty small company – there are a ton of larger entities that are looking for content, especially live content and they’d be a natural acquisition target for a number of companies. The big question on everyone’s mind is does WWE want to sell or not? And if you dial back or peel back that question, does the McMahon family want to sell or not?”

Ross explained that the investors are keen to sell the company off as the allegations around Vince have done much damage to the company. Also, he mentioned WWE may be the biggest pro wrestling company, but as a company, it’s still very small but in the end, the decision lies with The McMahon family, whether they want to sell it or not.

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