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“And has the personality of cabbage”- Jim Cornette blasts WWE creative for replacing Edge with Finn Balor in the Judgment Day

Jim Cornette slams WWE creative for substituting Finn Balor for Edge in the Judgment Day match.

Jim Cornette and Finn Balor

Finn Balor is one of the most talented wrestlers of the current generation. He has been the inaugural Universal Champion and had won it on his Pay Per View debut at SummerSlam 2016 by defeating Seth Rollins. Unfortunately, Finn had to relinquish the title the next day on RAW due to a shoulder injury, that happened during the match. Finn Balor is also the quickest one to win the World Championship, just 27 days after his main roster debut. Just after winning the Universal Championship, fans were impressed with the wrestler anticipating for him to be a world champion again, but since then he hasn’t got a big push in WWE.


Since being the inaugural Universal Champion in July 2016, Finn Balor returned to WWE in February 2017 and then in June 2017, he took part in a fatal five-way extreme rules match to determine who would challenge Brock Lesnar for the Universal Championship. Balor lost the match. Thereafter, Balor has not been much in the scene involving the major WWE Championships. He won the Intercontinental Championship for the first time at the 2019 Elimination Chamber by defeating Bobby Lashley. Since then, he has won the title one more time.

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Finn Balor was recently defeated by Theory for the US Championship

Finn Balor becomes the member of Judgment Day and they betray Edge

Finn Balor won the United States Championship this year in February on an edition of RAW, when he defeated Damien Priest in a singles match. This was the first time that Balor had won the US title. Balor held the title for 49 days before losing it to Theory on April 18 edition of RAW. Theory countered a Coup de Grace from Finn and delivered a A-Town to win the title. This was also the first championship win for Theory in WWE.

Thereafter, In June, At the Hell in a Cell Live event, Finn Balor teamed with Liv Morgan and AJ Styles in a six-person mixed tag team match against The Judgment Day. They were defeated at the event. The next day on RAW, Edge introduced Finn as the new member of the stable, but Finn and Damien Priest would later turn on Edge and violently beat him and kick him out of the faction, with Damien Priest referring to Edge as a restriction of the group.

Recently, Jim Cornette on his Podcast shared his views on Finn Balor and the Judgment Day. Cornette blasted WWE for removing Edge and replacing him with Finn Balor in the group. He claimed that they replaced a Hall of Famer and excellent promo deliverer with a man of modest height and cabbage-like attitude. He also claimed that the stable has been awful as a result of Rhea Ripley’s injury and illness.

“They turned on Edge and put Finn Balor in the group. Now they’ve traded a Hall of Famer and a legend and an outstanding promo for a guy that’s great, technically and very small, and has the personality of [a] cabbage. And then Rhea Ripley’s injured or sick or both, apparently.”

Since Judgement Day betrayal on Edge, he has been out of action and is expected to return soon to WWE, with many speculating him to bring one of his old Gimmicks with him again.

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