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WATCH John Cena recalls his WWE debut fight against Kurt Angle 20 years ago

John Cena revisits his debut in June 2002

John Cena has been a part-timer recently in WWE.

John Cena, one of the greatest WWE superstars in the history of the sport, would mark his 20th year in the wrestling entertainment business on June 27th. Back in 2002, on that very day, Cena debuted in the WWE Universe against Kurt Angle. The arrival of John Cena on SmackDown signaled the start of a new era in the WWE.

It was Kurt Angle who issued an open challenge to John Cena, and the rest is history. After 20 years, John Cena has established himself as one of the most influential professional wrestlers of all time. In a recent video uploaded on WWE’s official YouTube channel, Cena was watching his debut match and recalling key memories surrounding the event.

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Mr. McMahon asked John Cena to “cut Kurt Angle’s p***c hair”

John Cena

While reminiscing his memories of two decades ago, Cena said, “I had one meeting with Mr. McMahon before this and I was pushed into his office and Michael Hayes asked what do we do with this, and Mr. McMahon’s first sentence to me, it was a short meeting. He said cut his (Kurt) p***c hair and then I was out of the office.”

He continued, “Watching this, me more than likely just wanting to remember all the things that I was supposed to do. So probably just go out there and don’t mess up. But I’m watching Kurt Angle, he appears to be very upset and very frustrated, but also very confident, still smiling.”

Remembering the crowd, Cena further said, “We have a sold-out crowd in Chicago. And I think that if we had just slowed down, they would have been more interested. But they weren’t. Because we’re going so damn fast because that was the story of the match.”

The 16-time WWE World Champion has moved to Hollywood as wrestling became his part-time endeavor. The 43-year-old superstar is, however, slotted to return to the wrestling arena soon. And when that happens, his admirers will go crazy for sure.

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