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“I said somethings that were less than nice”; When John Cena admitted that he shouldn’t have went personal in his rivalry with the Rock

John Cena and the Rock had one of the most anticipated rivalries in WWE history

John Cena and the Rock

The Rock vs John Cena has been one of the most interesting and aggressive rivalries in WWE and when the two stars have left the wrestling industry, the two are still on similar paths. Both the men are two of the most popular and talented megastars of Hollywood but nobody can forget their rivalry in WWE back a WrestleMania

The buildup match saw both the men go in personal on their opponent and take each other down whenever they got the opportunity. But franchise player John Cena admitted that going personal on the Rock was certainly wrong. Here’s what he said:

“I said some things that were less than nice. He said some things that were less than nice. I can assure you, in our line of work there is a grey area where imagination becomes very real and we were right in the sweet spot of that grey area, each watching the other’s every move and not too happy with the other party. It was stupid of me. It genuinely was. That was my perspective at the time”Pinkvilla

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John Cena also admitted how the Rock helped him in his career in Hollywood

John Cena and the Rock have been seen together many times backstage

In an interview with CinemaBlend, John Cena admitted how the Rock helped him in his career in Hollywood and also called him one of the best of the industry. Cena also revealed how the Rock broke the difficulties of moving from WWE to Hollywood and becoming successful. Here’s what he said:

“It definitely has changed, and I think that rests on the already broad shoulders of Dwayne Johnson. He just made it acceptable to be something other than your wrestling persona. If you look at the correlation of wrestlers or WWE personalities in movies, they essentially played extensions of their WWE personality. I think Dwayne was one of the first ones to break that mold, and do it on such a grand scale that he couldn’t be ignored.”

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