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When John Cena gave his poll on the G.O.A.T. of the football industry; Ronaldo vs Messi debate doesn’t seem to end

John Cena is a big sports enthusiast. The football world is in a continuous debate over supremacy of Ronaldo and Messi and Cena joins the debate.

John Cena names his favourite footballer

John Cena has been very active in voicing his opinion about various things. Being a world famous celebrity, his opinion is supposed to hold more importance than any other individual in the world. 


John Cena was in an interview where he was asked multiple questions about football. Football expert Mark Lawrenson presented the questions before Cena that included his favorite footballer and his favourite football club.

The soccer industry has given to the world some amazing players. Any person who doesn’t follow football will also know about the two football legends Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. Almost the entire football industry is divided between these two superstar’s favouritism. 


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John Cena names his favourite footballer

Cristiano Ronaldo is John Cena’s favourite

However, John Cena was very clear with his answer. It hardly took him a second to reveal that his favourite footballer was Cristiano Ronaldo. Cena said, “If I had to name some famous footballers, I would start and end with Cristiano Ronaldo. That’s it.” This showed that Cena is indeed an ardent CR7 fan.

Cristiano is currently playing for the Manchester United club and is the captain of the national Portugal team. With 5 Ballon d’Or to his name, he has proved himself to be one of the greatest professionals to ever step in the industry.  He has smashed almost every possible record and is always the talk of the football industry.

Cena was also asked about his connection with the football world and where he would play if he was a part of a team. His answer left the audience in a wide smile. He said that he would prefer to sit on the bench. Because of his little stamina, he won’t be able to run for 90 minutes on the ground.

He however added that he would make a great goalkeeper. He can also give his input in the team as a coach providing inspiration at every point. He also revealed that his favourite club was Tottenham. John Cena seems to be a big football fan. 

Cena is now very well established as a professional actor. His Hollywood work is keeping him quite busy. For this reason, his WWE appearances have reduced exclusively to the important events. His fans are waiting for him to show up in the ring as soon as possible.

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