WWE personality says she would sue rapper 50 Cent for everything for tragically hitting a woman with his microphone at concert

WWE interviewer Kayla Braxton calls out the rapper for his actions from his recent concert, where he injured a fan by throwing a mic in the crowd.

WWE personality says she would sue rapper 50 Cent for everything for tragically hitting a woman with his microphone at concert

50 Cent (via Twitter)

Controversy currently surrounds rapper 50 Cent over an incident from his recent concert. During his concert in LA, 50 Cent’s microphone stopped working. He then furiously threw the microphone into the crowd. It unfortunately hit a woman in the audience on the forehead. Several pictures that clearly show the injury are circulating on the internet.


People are calling 50 Cent out for his action, as he might face battery charges. WWE backstage interviewer Kayla Braxton commented on the situation with a sarcastic jab at the rapper. She wrote, “I’d sue him for everything but $0.50.” The pictures show that the fan had a visible dent on her forehead due to the microphone, which looks horrible.

Fans are reacting to the tweet, hoping the fan is not having any serious problems. They are also reacting to 50 Cent’s actions, saying he should not have hurled the microphone into the crowd. Later reports revealed that the injured fan was Power 106’s midday deejay, Bryhana Monegain, according to TMZ. Therefore, Kayla Braxton’s comments on the incident stand with Monegain.


Braxton is currently the backstage host for SmackDown. Since August 2020, she has also been hosting the post-show talk show on Friday nights called Talking Smack with Paul Heyman. In 2021, Braxton announced that she was bisexual. The SmackDown backstage interviewer has been having a good time in WWE.


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50 Cent inspired iconic John Cena catchphrase “You Can’t See Me”

50 Cent and John Cena
50 Cent and John Cena (via Twitter)

John Cena is arguably among the greatest WWE superstars of all time. His catchphrases, moves, and clothing continue to be the most popular among fans of all age groups. However, while appearing on the Graham Norton Show, the 16-time World Champion revealed that he picked up one of his most iconic lines, “You Can’t See Me,” from a rap in a 50 Cent video as a dare.

Cena revealed that he and his brother were fans of the In Da Club music video by 50 Cent and Tony Yayo. Therefore, the 46-year-old recalled his brother saying, “It looked like it was ridiculous”. Cena added, “He goes, no man, Tony Yayo does this thing. And I’m like, I’ll do it on TV.” To this, Cena’s brother said, “I dare you to do it on TV.’”

Therefore, one of the most popular catchphrases in the history of WWE came from a rap video featuring 50 Cent and Tony Yayo. After finding success in Hollywood, John Cena and 50 Cent became friends, and they continue to be good friends to this day.


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