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“I really didn’t know what to expect” – Kevin Owens wasn’t sure of his Steve Austin match at Wrestlemania

Kevin Owens revealed that he didn't knew what's going to happen once he comes face to face with Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Kevin Owens faced Steve Austin at Wrestlemania this year.

Kevin Owens recently wrestled The Texas Rattlesnake, Steve Austin in the main event of Wrestlemania Saturday. It surely was the biggest night of Kevin’s career when he stood head to head with the Attitude Era cornerstone.

WWE fans received an unexpected treat in the form of Steve Austin Vs. Kevin Owens as no one ever expected The Texas Rattlesnake would return to the ring to actually wrestle in a formal match again. Austin’s previous match before this one was against The Rock at Wrestlemania 19 which he lost. Exactly 19 years after that iconic match, we got to see probably the biggest superstar in entire WWE history to wrestle again.

The match exceeded upon every possible expectation and it became one of the best matches on the card to happen at this year’s Wrestlemania. Austin took some surprisingly harder bumps than expected as was suplexed multiple times by Owens throughout the match. He drank beers during every course of the match to possibly prevent himself from dehydration and fatigue. ending

The ending moments of the match saw Kevin bringing a steel chair inside the ring inorder to hurt Steve on his 57 year old back but instead bounced it off the ropes to his own face which got followed by Stone Cold hitting him with the stunner to pin Owens and pick up a massive win in front of his hometown Dallas crowd.

But do you know what’s more interesting? Before the match even got started, Kevin Owens wasn’t 100% sure about what’s exactly going to happen once Austin steps in the ring through those ropes. Recently during an interview on the Tim Donnelly show, Kevin detailed about his faceoff with Steve Austin,

“I really didn’t know what to expect. That’s the funny part. I knew he and I were going to be in the same ring, I knew we were going to talk some trash, obviously, and I had a pretty good feeling it was going to breakdown into a fight at some point, but I had no idea the scope of the fight. Everybody loved it so much, everybody watching it. More importantly, I speak for myself, but I think I can speak for him as well, the two people in the ring doing it had as much fun as everybody watching.”

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Kevin Owens is currently involved in a feud with Ezekiel

Kevin Owens and Ezekiel on WWE Raw.

Since Wrestlemania got over, Owens got involved in a motive to uncap the true identity of Ezekiel as (who proclaims himself as Elais’ younger brother) as Elias himself. He even tried to test him through a lie-detector test but found nothing against Ezekiel which made him go mad.

He’s now taking his investigation to the next level as Kevin is set to take Ezekiel through a DNA test next week on Monday Night Raw in a hope that it will finally reveal his truth in front of the WWE Universe.

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