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“I wouldn’t be here without him”; Kevin Owens opens up on Triple H’s retirement and health issues

Kevin Owens recently opened up on his recent meeting with Triple H

Kevin Owens and Triple H

Kevin Owens and Triple H share a very lovely bond behind the scenes and the two have often been seen happy together. The Prizefighter, Owens, considers the Game, Triple H as his mentor and has always thanked the former WWE Champion for whatever he has achieved in his career.

Kevin Owens recently sat in an interview with Talksport and revealed that he had recently met his mentor, Triple H, and also gave an update over the condition of the Hunter after suffering some heart problems a few months ago and then announcing his retirement due to the medical problems. The former Universal Champion also revealed how Triple H was looking like after the severe conditions. Here’s what he said:

Kevin Owens recently opened up on his recent meeting with Triple H

“Seeing him yesterday was so great. Seeing him around after a few months of not seeing when he used to be everywhere all the time, and he looked amazing, sounded amazing, it was great. Because that dude has done so much for so many people in this industry. There was always this reputation about him, right?”

“I always thought he was good at what he did and to me, he always elevated the shows he was on and the people he was working with so I never really got that vibe of the reputation. I wasn’t surprised when I met him that he was a guy who was all about growing the industry and giving people a chance. He proved my assumptions right many times over the past few years and a lot of us, a lot of us, wouldn’t be here without him.”

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Kevin Owens is confused with the Ezekiel and Elias saga

Kevin Owens is currently in some ‘truth’ issues as he feels Ezekiel, who claims to be Elias’younger brother, is in fact Elias who is trying to huge his identity. The former Universal Champion has been trying to prove that he is right and that Ezekiel is a liar but every chance he is taking to prove the truth is turning out to be an issues for him itself.

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