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“It rejuvenated everybody”- Kevin Owens reflects on the appointment of Triple H as head of creative

Former Universal Champion Kevin Owens addresses the appointment of 14-time World Champion The Game Triple H as Creative Director.

Kevin Owens with Triple H after Owens won the Universal Championship

Kevin Owens is one of the talented wrestlers on the current roster of WWE. Kevin Owens constantly involved in the competition for the major championships in the WWE, which shows that he has a potential to be a World Champion again. Kevin Owens possesses good in ring ability and has the potential to put up great matches. Owens has great mic skills and can captivate the crowd by being a heel as well as a babyface. Owens began his wrestling career when he was 16 and wrestled extensively around the independent circuit for 14 years. He is known for his stint at the ROH and became a ROH World Champion during his time at the promotion.

Kevin Owens was recently involved in a feud with Ezekiel and managed to defeat him at the Hell in a Cell Live event in a singles match. He was out of action due to an injury for a short period after his appearance on an edition of RAW in June. Kevin recently competed against Drew McIntyre on the latest edition of RAW, where he was defeated by McIntyre. Owens has been in the company for 8 years now and has been a 1-time Universal Champion and 1 -time NXT Champion. He has also won the IC Title 3-times and has been a 3-time US Champion.

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Kevin Owens wants to be a WWE Tag team champion

Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn in WWE

In a recent appearance on the TWC Show, Kevin Owens spoke about a range of topics. Owens stated that he wanted to be the Tag Team Champion. He declared that he only wants the people on his list to carry the title with him, and not with anybody else in the organization. He discussed Sami Zayn being at the top of the list and how it would be a great moment for them to win the tag championships.

Kevin stated that he has held the tag championship everywhere he has wrestled except the WWE and wishes to do so as soon as possible. Sami Zayn has yet to win the WWE Tag Team championships, so it would be interesting to see when these two men team up to compete for the belts.

In The same interview, Kevin Owens talked about Triple H taking over as the Head of Creative. He said that Triple H is the reason he is currently employed by the WWE. When Kevin first joined the WWE, he competed at NXT and had the opportunity to collaborate with The Game, which he claimed was a really enlightening experience. Additionally, Owens praised Triple H’s Vision as being unmatched. Kevin Owens claimed that he is fortunate to work with many individuals that have brilliant ideas for this field. He said it’s exciting to watch where things go from here and that the environment is amazing right now.

“Getting to work with Triple H again is really exciting because he’s obviously the reason I’m here, the reason I got my opportunity in WWE, my chance to go to tryout and eventually get signed and everything. When I first started out, I was in NXT for a few months and I got to work directly with him and it was so enlightening. I’ve been blessed to work with a lot of people that have tremendous minds for this industry. It rejuvenated everybody, the atmosphere here is pretty great and it’s just cool to see where things go from here.”

Kevin Owens headlined on the night one of WrestleMania 38 this year, where he competed in a No Holds Barred Match against Stone Cold Steve Austin. Owens lost the match. This was also Steve Austin first in-ring competition since WrestleMania 19 in 2003.

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